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Soulsign Astrology offers a heart-centered, embodied vision of astrology. Beginners and professionals alike continue to learn and teach their students our principles and techniques. Rooted in the core intelligence of the Soul and devoted to the evolutionary genius that is our life path, Soulsign Astrology is a complete system for delineating birth charts and birth skies for individuals and groups. 


Adam Gainsburg is at the leading edge of today’s astrological renaissance in Sky-centered astrology. By shifting our perspective from horoscopic to synodic, we reposition the native from center of the universe to catalyst for the universe’s realization of itself.


Adam addresses The Wounded Healer in all its facets: spiritual, psychological, physical and astronomical, offering the most far-reaching exposition on this important astrological significator.

Soulsign sees Chiron as the alpha and omega of our ego self. While Chiron-as-wound is the evolutionary mechanism initiating our ego to take shape at the beginning of our life, Chiron-as-medicine is the evolutionary result when ego realigns as agent of Soul in our Deep Heart. Chiron represents a crucial component in any bona fide growth in consciousness.


Everything is relationship, and Adam reminds us that relationship begins foremost with oneself. The intimate relationships which are the most challenging are often those which hold the biggest potential for self-transformation.

The Soulsign Map of Relationship® addresses our availability for growth and depth through relationship of all kinds. When we develop a sufficient intimacy with our wholeness and choose partnership to further our growth, a 1+1=3 alchemy is activated, opening us into transcendent, creative union beyond our capacity when alone. Living this level of partnership becomes a ‘collateral benefit’ for others through its actualization of our human potential.

breath & meditation

Adam holds meditation with great reverence, for any authentic form of meditation influences neurological, hormonal and physiological function. Our audios guide you gently into greater awareness of your true, holographic nature through breath- and heart-based techniques suitable for anyone along any path of self-inquiry.