Founder of Soulsign
I have been listening just now to the recording of our very first session. Feeling humbled by how much I was in my head and nervous system AND my willingness to not know. What an AWESOME first session! And who knew we’d be here 5 years later! 
T.H., California, USA

I was doing some deep cleaning (as I am sure many are now) and found three CDs recording a session that we did in 2006!  Not only was it a great “brush-up” on Astrology but what you said about my development and progress has pretty much all come through!!!

Thank you for the many lessons on many levels you have given me – and for being a part of my life.

Joan P., USA

I am just so amazed, always, at the accuracy and depth of your readings!

Since that [last] reading I have had so many profound experiences. I take what you share deep into my heart and I watch for things as they unfold. And they are unfolding in such amazing ways, just as you saw. I want to thank you for your profound sharing and guidance. I think of you and refer back to readings we do together always. 

Analesa B., New Jersey, USA

I bought your Chiron recording and loved it… It’s the best depth and description of Chiron I have heard in a while… and very complete….also I loved your Venus book… I had studied with others but loved the space you are teaching from. Thank you for bringing this work out… and look forward to learning more with you! 

Leonor M., Miami, USA