The Phases of Venus Course (video)


A four-part mini course on Adam’s 13 phases of the Venus-Sun cycle. This course is the perfect next step for anyone who fell in love with Adam’s THE LIGHT OF VENUS and wants to go deeper into understanding the nuts and bolts of each phase from a celestial-somatic level!

See product description below for details and video excerpts from each of the four classes.

Class 1 ~ Meaning and significance of a Feminine Dharma and preliminary introduction to the Venus “M”  (64 min)

Class 2 ~ Introduction to six Sky Factors and their celestial mechanics; identifying the Venus phase form the chart  (76 min)

Class 3 ~ Elaborating the 13 Venus phases, including the unique dharma of each phase and how to integrate phase Venus with chart Venus  (90 min)

Class 4 ~ Detailing the Venus pentagram (Venus flower); the major Venus returns and their significance (47 min)

Purchase Adam’s book, The Light of Venus, with classes 1-4 or 1-3 and receive a discount on the book price (regularly $48). Book is signed by Adam.


Video Class

In this video class, Adam gives us a birds-eye view of the heavens during the phase of the Venus cycle known as the Surrendering & Discovery Phase (June 3 - November 15, 2017). He addresses the current cycle's Aries overtone and how this influence flavors this phase. 

Using graphics of the chart wheel as well as sky imaging software, he treats the viewer with ‘behind the scenes’ descriptions of the main planets, stars and constellations Venus will encounter throughout Surrendering & Discovery, including what these meetings might portend for us.


Stills from the Surrendering & Discovery Phase video class. Click on an image to enlarge.


Q&A Recording

The Q&A session provided a forum to support integration of the information and assist us to find practical applications in our own lives. Andrea facilitated the Q&A, posing attendees' questions to Adam and asking some of her own.

In the Q&A Adam elaborates on some of the material he covered in the original teaching and offers additional insights. The Surrendering & Discovery Phase is the longest in the Eastern sky portion of the Venus cycle -- what Adam calls the I, Me, Mine space. Within this phase there are 5 - 6 Venus-Moon conjunctions which Adam describes as as mini cycles within the larger cycle within the longer Surrendering & Discovery phase. Adam reflects on what each of these Venus-Moon conjunctions might bring up for us with the sign energies the conjunctions fall in, using the lens of the cycle's Aries energy as the prism through which the other sign energies are refracted! 

“When the Aries feminine willingly submits herself into the power and depth of Scorpio consciousness, she can really turn up the volume and intensity of what she deems important.”

In this Q&A you will discover:

  • what it is like for us when Venus enters the underworld, and what it means for us archetypally;
  • Aries Venus likes action -- what kinds of action would be of greatest benefit for us now and throughout this Aries cycle;
  • some ways in which we can consciously participate with the August eclipses;
  • where within the full Venus cycle she is dimmest, brightest, invisible;
  • What are personal phase returns and which ones are most impactful (and potent)?
  • and much, much more!

tableau ~ Descent of Inanna


All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally

Venus in Aries Cycle 2017-2018 Guide

The Light of Venus: Embracing Your Deeper Feminine, Empowering Our Shared Future

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Adam’s four-part course on The Phases of Venus is the most in depth exposition of his work with the Venus cycle recorded on video. Deriving from many years of direct sky observation and borne out through countless client sessions and celebrity examples, Adam beautifully details the journey of embodying our Feminine wisdom when we integrate our chart Venus with our natal Venus phase.

Using the latest astronomical software, Adam illustrates the immediacy of a Venus closest to Earth vs. farthest — one of several Sky Factors he brings to life whose variations at any given time distinguish the 13 distinct phases of the 584 day Venus cycle.

View samples from Classes 1-4 below:






No two cycles are alike!

I’m truly grateful that I got to meet Adam G early on when I started learning astrology. Taking his Venus Cycles class was a complete eye-opener and such an invaluable tool in understanding her depths… Adam has such a clear and masterful way of teaching and is one of the most humble and kind humans I’ve ever met. I’d take this course again and again (one time is absolutely not enough, it dives into a multitude of levels that unravel new insights each and every time). Thank u Adam for your honorable work and for sharing these gems with us… . 

Mariam B.