Awesome Relationships in 3 Acts


Adam shares his passion for supporting vibrant, whole relationships by demonstrating three primary stages of relationship from an evolutionary perspective. Additional product description below.

This is Adam’s introduction of this material through Dorothy Oja’s Relationship Club in 2018. Option to pair with Full & Whole Relationships


  • Class length: 1.25 hours (High Definition MP4 format)
  • includes full slide deck (PDF)

"Each stage describes an entire spectrum of experiences, learning, challenges, fulfillment, and growth. The three relationship stages describe the consciousness level of the individual soul as it materializes in intimate relationship." ~ from Awesome Relationships class 

Relationship potential is never the same thing as relationship success. The same holds true in astrology: two charts with great relationship potential often have nothing to do with the actual relationship between the individuals working out.

Great relationships produce an experience of ongoing connection, not just to our partner but to ourselves in ever deepening ways. The best relationships take lots of work, and can become the most rewarding experiences of our life.

An often overlooked element in astrological delineation is considering the level of consciousness or embodied awareness of the native(s). A Venus in Taurus in the 7th House can either become utterly dependent on their partner to emotionally fulfill themselves or a social force for providing basic needs to the disadvantaged. Each signature on the chart - natal or synastry - can express in at least three different ways, each of which describes a unique level of consciousness.

In this talk, Adam shares what the three relationship stages are, how they deepen our work with synastry and relationship charts, and provides examples of well-known relationships at each of the three stages.

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