Adam Gainsburg

founder of soulsign

“I did not come to teach you. I came to love you.
Love will teach you.” ~ Unknown

Adam is a visionary at the leading edge of inner transformational technologies. 

Soulsign’s three pillars – the Living Sky, our Open Heart and the Soul’s Breath – bring about fundamental, cellular changes inside us in deeply personal ways. As a continuum, they empower the intelligence of our bodies, hearts and minds to be our every moment. Adam’s work is an invitation to courageously embrace our full-spectrum humanity, evolving our Self-Identity as an ever-flowering expression of our timeless Self-Essence.

Since 2002 he has brought several thousand people into a direct experience of the vastness of their Soul inside their tangible, empowered sense of Self. His devotion to authentic presence and practical life experience — rooted in the somatic intelligence of the Human Heart — manifest through his impeccable skill and genuine kindness.

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