In their latest conversation, “Discovering the Evolutionary Purpose of our Shadow” Astrologer and Transformational Guide Adam Gainsburg and founder Katherine Zorensky discuss Adam’s work with the Shadow, the human unconscious self, as the antithesis of who we are. This antithesis is so deeply imbedded in our experience in life that we don’t see it. It simply informs an entire subconscious layer of our thoughts and feelings. This profound and loving interview casts a clear and accessible light on Shadow work, and the courage necessary to embark on this necessary journey into our humanity.

We’re happy to share Adam’s latest Interview with Dr. Cynthia for the release of her new book, The Inner (R)Evolution: Trailblaze Your New Luscious Reality, where they explore how she came to discover and refine her map of conscious evolution, how we each have the neurology in place to move into more of our multidimensional nature, how we are at a precipice in choosing the direction of our human evolution, and much more!

Adam’ s interview with Amanda Walsh of Astrology Hub about the importance of including the higher octave of Mars in delineation using his Phases with the Sun. Adam elaborates on his comprehensive Mars Course released in September 2020.

Viewer comments on YouTube page:

“This was an intriguing and clear presentation and so resonates with my own perspective of deep inner healing and the work I am doing. Wonderful, authentic and engaging knowledge and insight, Adam…Thank you!” ~ Marti Denton

“Love Adam. His conversation with Stormie a few weeks ago was healing. This too is beautiful and enriching. He’s both soothing and inspirational.” ~ Eric Bhealed

Adam interviewed by astrologer Stormie Grace on her YouTube channel. They discuss Mars, Venus and their relationship with the Sun. They had a lot of fun, and the audience’s enthusiastic response had Stormie already planning Adam’s return to the show…

 Viewer comments on YouTube page:

“Whew! I love this! This talk is sooooo good. Thank you, this has been an amazing year with you Stormie! Thank you Adam you shared a powerful message with us!” ~ Amani Speaks

“Chills. Incredible. More. This was g@d damn spectacular. My Taurus stellium soul is thirsting for more of you two. Never thought about the speed of venus and mars.” ~ Joan

Adam intervewed by Catherine Rowan about the Venus Surrendering & Discovery and Mars Explorations MorningStar Phases and how they are working together for her Energy Secrets for Conscious Leaders Summit in 2022.

Adam describing his Tantric Map of Relationship with Amanda Pua Walsh of Astrology Hub.


With The Leo King discussing his phases of Mars, the import of Mars Rx in 2018, their Chiron-North Node conjunctions, and much more!