The Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose (Videos, audios, handouts)

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The Complete Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose is a deep-dive education into the Mars-Sun cycle and its 13 phases, and how to delineate them for individual embodiment of our Sacred Masculine in service to our shared, collective evolution.

  • Contents: High Definition videos and audios of all classes, full slide decks (PDF), bonus article (PDF) plus many bonus files and graphics!
  • Optional Add-On: a table of all the Mars cycles and phases from 1902-2100 bundled with Adam’s article on Mars’ Transcendence Phase (PDFs)
  • Optional Add-On: a Personal Mars Vibrational Essence (1 oz.). Each essence is preserved in purified structured water with a small amount of organic brandy. See more in Description Tab below.

NOTE: When ordering the Personal Mars Vibrational Essence, please include your birth data (MM/DD/YYYY and location) in the Comments section at check-out for Adam to personalize your vibrational essence. Shipments within U.S. ONLY. If you are outside the U.S. and would like the essence, please contact us here to inquire about shipping costs. 


For the first time, The Mars Course encompasses Adam's 12 years of sky-breaking research and delineation techniques of the 13 phases in the Mars-Sun cycle. In this rich and extensive exploration of Mars at both levels of consciousness - personal evolution and collective contribution, Adam undermines most of the superficial renderings of the Red Planet by pointing you to the nature of the sacred Masculine itself - the drive to do what we are! 

Among the few astrologers who work with planetary cycles, it is popular to use archetypal designations to contextualize the varying phases within a cycle. By contrast, Adam's use of a planet's Sky Factors© to contextualize, inform and distinguish phase meanings supports us in embodying a planets' significations through its phases. This is because (using Mars as an example), rather than trying to live UP to an ideal Masculine (archetypes), we are looking to increasingly live IN to our drive to excel and live our Purpose which is immediate and always available to us (visible Sky Factors).

The BONUS article, Introduction to Synodic Phases & The Mars Cycle and Phases, is something of a mystery teaching on the Masculine principle. It goes into more detail around the Mars Journey "as a process of becoming increasingly released into a transpersonal or transcendent intimacy with Source through appropriate, engaged activity."

An additional BONUS with purchase of The Mars Course is an invitation to attend a FREE live class/study session with Adam later in 2020/early 2021!

Class 1 ~ Introduction to the Mars Cycle (63 min)

* Mars' planetary features
* Mars' dignity & debility descriptions
* The "Mars Mountain"
* Mars & his cycle correlations with the Masculine principle in every human being
* The 8 Sky Events composing the cycle and their meanings

Class 2 ~ The Motives of Mars  (78 min)

* Where Mars "comes from" when he takes action
* The 4 Motivations and Mars' sky appearances
* Relationship between action and consciousness through Mars
* MidnightStar Mars

Class 3 ~ The Sky Factors of Mars (35 min)

* The 5 sky factors graphically, and their significations
* The 8 sky events graphically, and their significations
* Close look at the Rx loop "shape" of multiple Mars-Sun oppositions
* Special explanation of the Earth Proximity (Field Effect) sky factor

Class 4 ~ The Phases of Mars, Part 1 (53 min) & Part 2 (57 min)

* The real deal about planetary phases
* Your Mars Dharma or Purpose
* "Be Who You Are" or "Do What You Are"?
* "I vs We" or "I + We"?
* All 13 phases explained in depth
* Celebrity chart examples

Class 5 ~ Delineation Class (46 min)

* 5 chart delineations where Adam demonstrates how to integrate natal Mars' sign and house into the Mars Phase

View some video samples below:




The 6 page article on The Mars Transcendence Phase is a condensed treatment of Adam's larger essay on the Mars Transcendence Phase (see RELATED below). This phase is incredibly unique - worthy of a full essay on this single 3-day phase alone! In this condensed article, Adam describes the Masculine Principle, the archetype of Masculine (versus Feminine) transformation, and goes on to describe the Sky Factors of this phase in detail, demonstrating why this phase can draw the native into deep alienation or reveal shamanic gifts. This article is accompanied by a 26 page table of dates and names of all the Mars cycles and their phases, so you can start including the phases in your delineations!

The Personal Mars Essence is an energetic support to your embodied learning the Mars Cycle and Phases. It is co-created by Adam and the benevolent, direct guidance of Nature. Your Personal Mars Essence introduces into your energy field the cellular introductions, invitations, new possibilities and relentless encouragement to embody BOTH your natal Mars AND your Mars Phase in concert with each other. Adam has been co-creating vibrational essences with Nature since 1998 which he has integrated into his astrological counseling work with clients and couples for more than 20 years. Please visit the Personal Blend Essence page for more information about the Soulsign Essences.



Transcendence: The Archetype of Masculine Transformation: Adam's in-depth examination of the Sun-Mars opposition (50+ pages, PDF)

4 reviews for The Mars Course: Unifying Desire & Purpose (Videos, audios, handouts)

  1. Cherry B. (verified owner)

    When I heard Adam talking about this way of working with Mars in an interview he did, I immediately resonated and knew that he was right and that this was very important information for people to understand what they were meant to be doing in their lifetime on the Path.

  2. Lisa H. (verified owner)

    Your generosity is greatly appreciated and your knowledge and teaching skills are always so simple yet so expansive. I learn so much but you make it so accessible to understand!

  3. Karen (verified owner)

    I liked that the material has the quality of being accessible at the time but also has given me this wealth and depth into which I’m going to be diving for a long time…

  4. Nancy F. (verified owner)

    I appreciated expanding my awareness of synodic approaches to interpretation, it’s a needed new edge and helps get astrologers out of the 2D mindset.

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