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The Soulsign Essences™ are healing tools of a vibrational nature. They are infusions of energetic patterns of information and guidance, similar to the concept behind flower essences on quite a different scale. Founder Adam Gainsburg prepares each Personal Blend, based on the celestial alignments in and beyond our solar system at the time of your birth through a unique method of energetic transmission. It is further encoded for maximum coherence and stability relative to your position in your life path.

This process is not based on Adam’s knowledge of you or your dharma, but on the holographic nature and innate genius of your own beingness. Your Blend provides a constant cellular reminder of your essential nature (timeless) shaped to be most appropriate to you at the time of its preparation (current time).

Shipping cost to U.S and Canada: $12 USD; please inquire for shipping rates to countries outside the U.S. and Canada @ [email protected].

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Personal Blends To create a Personal Blend, we ask for your birth date, place and time. From this information, your birth chart is cast determining which essences are to go into your Blend. Personal Blends are prepared in 2 oz. dropper bottle and can easily last 4-6 months or longer. See the instruction sheet. Once your Blend is prepared, it is infused with your Soul imprint in a hands-on transmission process. When you receive your Essence Blend in the mail, you will be holding a physical and Soul-level matrix for your next evolutionary realizations in your life. With each Blend, you also receive specific instructions about frequency and dosage. Each Blend arrives to you in a clear glass dropper bottle and is composed of 75% purified, structured water and 25% alcohol (as a preservative).

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