Upcoming Events

In addition to maintaining a full client schedule, Adam lectures at astrology conferences, provides online trainings and/or classes on Sky Astrology or Breath of the Soul, and facilitates Open Human Heart workshops in California and Washington States.

Breath of the Soul for Sun-PLuto-Saturn-Ceres -Mercury conjunction

January 12, 2020 ~ 10:30a PST / 1:30a EST / 7:30p CET

Join Adam to set an intention in mind-heart-body for the seed moment of the January 13 Sun-Pluto-Saturn-Ceres-Mercury Conjunction in Capricorn.

Adam will customize a Breath of the Soul meditation for this event. This event is FREE and open to all.

Email us at [email protected] with Jan 12 BOS in the title and you will be sent the link to join in the live meditation. If you cannot attend live, you will still receive the recording.

Breath of the Soul ~ Level I training 

February 1-2, 2020 ~ 8:30a PST/11:30a EST – 3:30p PST/6:30p EST Sat & Sun

This training is structured for counselors, therapists, healing-arts and meditation practitioners who want to facilitate the practice for their clients and students.

Created by Soulsign founder Adam Gainsburg, the BOS Trainings deliver a complete experiential education of the practice in its neurological, spiritual and quantum dimensions. The trainings rely on trainees’ direct experience in concert with the cross-disciplinary education in various fields.

The Level 1 training presents how the Breath practice reduces our cellular reliance or dependence on a “me/not-me” paradigm. By reducing the amount of distinction between the sense of “in here” and the sense of “out there”, it becomes very easy to soften any separation between self and other while still remaining centered in our body. This opens us to increasing enjoyment in the body, as our natural grace flows more easily, even in difficult circumstances.

Find out more and register at this link!

Delineating Chart Venus with Venus Phase ~ webinar

February 12, 2020 ~ 6p – 8p PST

Not to be missed, this webinar is the perfect opportunity for those who love Adam’s work with the Venus Phases but aren’t quite sure how to use them to receive first-hand instruction on how to apply them in chart delineation!

Adam will spend the first hour covering basic ground on the importance of working with Venus and her phases to bring clarity, depth and dharmic considerations to our natal Venus by house/sign/aspect. The second hour Adam will focus on chart examples provided by webinar attendees to illustrate how to merge chart+sky Venus.

All who register will receive the recording, even if you can’t attend live.

More info coming soon!

Open Human Heart Workshop in Berlin

May 29-June 1, 2020
Kaethe-Niederkirchner-Str. 18, 10407 Berlin, Germany

Adam was invited by several clients to facilitate a two-day Open Human Heart workshop at a beautiful space in downtown Berlin.

Open Human Heart sessions and workshops are facilitated by Adam in a safe and courageous field of Love, which your heart instantly recognizes. Through Adam’s gentle and skilled facilitation, we relinquish our need to be in control and discover we are always in-charge, regardless of whether we are liking our experience. This frees us to allow our endogenous heart intelligence to take over. 

More info coming soon!

Sky Astrology Conference III

July 16 – 19, 2020
Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Moffat, CO

Sky Astrology Conference™ is an innovative experiential gathering renewing the deepest, most ancient visual and cyclic traditions of Astrology. Sky Astrology Conferences™ offer a rare astrological educational opportunity based in immersive workshops as well as invigorating skywatching sessions culled from a diverse range of techniques and traditions.

For the the third Sky Astrology Conference (SACIII), Adam, Gary P. Caton, Julene Louis and Andrea Michelle Haeckel are gathering sky enthusiasts once again in the gorgeous San Luis Valley in Moffat, CO. 

“Great people, great food, great conversations, great information. Loved it all!” ~ SACII participant

See class descriptions and teacher bios here!

ISAR Conference: re-Imagining the Future

September 10-14, 2020
Westminster, CO

The ISAR 2020 Conference theme pertains to three long-term cycles related to the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction taking place December 17-21, 2020 at 0° Aquarius. This powerful cosmic event occurs at the same time the Sun crosses the Galactic Center. Jupiter and Saturn leaving Capricorn (sign of tradition and conventional thought) for Aquarius (sign of a new frontier in thinking and communications) symbolizes a
Adam will present two lectures: Finding the Sky in the Chart – an introduction to orient us to the living sky in the 2D natal chart; and The Mars Phases, where Adam will teach on his 13 phases of Mars that make up each Mars-Sun cycle. 

Click here for more information and registration!

ISAR Star Club Lecture: Fuel-Angle-Tool Technique

November 1, 2020
Online Webinar

The angles of the chart are the energetic architecture that frames, holds or contextualizes our life on Earth and Earth within space; in essence they signify local or current-life aspirations to evolve.

The title of this lecture reflects the view that the tantric planets of Sun-Moon, Mars-Venus correlate naturally to the MC-IC, Ascendant-Descendant, and the sign energies where these four planets reside in our natal chart inform or ‘fuel’ their correlate angles. In turn, the individual dispositors of the signs of the cardinal
angles act as a ‘tool’ for that sign energy.

Link to register will be available closer to the event