Upcoming Events

In addition to maintaining a full client schedule, Adam lectures at astrology conferences, provides online trainings and/or classes on Sky Astrology or Breath of the Soul, and facilitates Open Human Heart workshops in California and Washington States.

The Science & Nonduality Conference (SAND 2019)

October 23 – 27, 2019 (Adam’s pre-conference workshop is October 24)
Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Jose, CA

Thus far Adam’s Open Human Heart work has grown steadily and quietly through word-of-mouth. For the first time, in this pre-conference workshop, Adam will introduce the Open Human Heart experience to a broader audience.

The Open Human Heart Experience is an immersion into the vastness of our Human Hearts to hold the entirety of our being, beyond emotions, sensations, and energy states. Knowing what’s happening has nothing to do with fully allowing what’s happening in our direct experience. Together we’ll drop out of our heads and awareness as framing our moment and discover how willing we are to authentically feel without agenda.

This workshop will:

  • Introduce you to the Open Human Heart Experience
  • Invite you into your own direct experience as a human being first
  • Demonstrate the power and reliability of I Don’t Know
  • Explain what actual Safety is and what it’s not
  • Offer teachings on the real reasons why we do the things we do (and why reasons don’t matter)
  • Show how healing, evolution and awakening are byproducts of essential honesty.

Watch a short video from SAND around the question of what it means to be Human.

Check out the full conference itinerary and register here!

San Diego Astrological Society

November 8, 2019 @ 7:00p
Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest, San Diego

Lecture Topic: All Conjunctions Are Not Created Equally

Including the celestial reality, the Living Sky, into our delineations not only revitalizes our astrology, it strongly benefits our clients, who come away from a session with a more somaticized understanding rather than just more information for their heads.

Using astronomical software, Adam will take us from chart to sky to illustrate the celestial reality of planetary conjunctions. Often what we see in the chart is just a fraction of the total picture! Adam will introduce several Sky Factors such as Earth Proximity (field effect), speed,  brightness, and Morning- or Evening Star, to name a few.

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Sky Astrology Conference III

July 16 – 19, 2020
Joyful Journey Hot Springs, Moffat, CO

Sky Astrology Conference™ is an innovative experiential gathering renewing the deepest, most ancient visual and cyclic traditions of Astrology. Sky Astrology Conferences™ offer a rare astrological educational opportunity based in immersive workshops as well as invigorating skywatching sessions culled from a diverse range of techniques and traditions.

For the the third Sky Astrology Conference (SACIII), Adam, Gary P. Caton, Julene Louis and Andrea Michelle Haeckel are gathering sky enthusiasts once again in the gorgeous San Luis Valley in Moffat, CO. 

“Great people, great food, great conversations, great information. Loved it all!” ~ SACII participant

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