upcoming events

In addition to maintaining a full client schedule, Adam lectures at astrology conferences, provides online trainings and/or classes on Sky Astrology or Breath of the Soul, and facilitates Open Heart workshops in person and online.

Breath of the Soul Level II Training

July 31 – August 1, 2021 10a – 4p PDT

The Level II Training will significantly deepen your experience with each of the components of the practice learned in the Level I Training: Center, Spheres and Breath. With this expansion will come a much greater intimacy with “where” you are, how you feel in your body and with what in your environment you are interacting.

The Real You: A Multidimensional Experience of Your Being in these Unprecedented Times

September 5, 2021 10a – 5p PDT

Adam and Dr. Cynthia Miller are joining their many years of radical insights and deep healing practices to create this completely (r)evolutionary experience to support you in these times of incomprehensible change.

In this one-day, thoroughly immersive experience, you’ll learn about the amazing OmniFrame™, journey into your deeper, evolutionary nature as your birthright, learn what the astrology of our shared Now is REALLY challenging us into, and meet others who share your courage and commitment to “undo what now must be released in order to discover who you have always been”!

More information coming soon!