upcoming events

In addition to maintaining a full client schedule, Adam lectures at astrology conferences, provides online trainings and/or classes on Sky Astrology or Breath of the Soul, and facilitates Open Heart workshops in person and online.

Choice point:  new moon with pluto

January 12, 2021
7p – 8p PST (find your time zone here)

Adam is offering live New Moon attunement, sharing about this inception point of our next collective lunar cycle and then lead a short meditation-type experience.

This New Moon is an intensified condensing of what typically is called a “choice point.” This choice isn’t based on a linear sense of what’s happening in our lives and the world and it’s not based in our self-image. It runs deeper than those and thus is linked into much more power.

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fuel-angle-tool method through OPA

January 24, 2021
10a PST (find your time zone here)

The angles of the chart are the energetic architecture that frames, holds, or contextualizes our life on Earth and Earth within space; in essence, they signify local or current-life aspirations to evolve. This lecture reflects the view that the tantric planets of Sun-Moon, Mars-Venus correlate naturally to the MC-IC, Ascendant-Descendant, and the sign energies where these four planets reside in our natal chart inform or ‘fuel’ their correlate angles. In turn, the individual dispositors of the signs of the cardinal angles act as a ‘tool’ for that sign energy.

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Breath of the Soul ~ Level I Training

February 6-7, 2021

This training is structured for counselors, therapists, healing-arts and meditation practitioners who want to facilitate the practice for their clients and students.

Created by Soulsign founder Adam Gainsburg, the BOS Trainings deliver a complete experiential education of the practice in its neurological, spiritual and quantum dimensions. The trainings rely on trainees’ direct experience in concert with the cross-disciplinary education in various fields.

As a meditation and deep therapy technique, Breath of the Soul is currently used by psychologists, yoga teachers, hypnotherapists, animal communicators, social workers, meditation instructors, and sound healers with their clients and students.

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