Our Human Shadow

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Adam is a more than a gifted teacher; he is fiercely committed to conveying and translating deep, hidden truth about the entire process of consciousness evolution in pragmatic, applicable ways. These workshops are immersive, often challenging experiences and are his first public offering of this material in over 20 years.

Each workshop comes as both video and audio downloads

These workshops synthesize quintessential truth found in ancient mythologies, depth psychology, living indigenous wisdom lineages, pre-dynastic Egyptian and Mesoamerican cosmologies, Adam's in-depth experiential maps of the human Shadow, latest realizations into the parallels between our inherited ancestral genetics and how our consciousness cellularly evolves within and inclusive of our physical body.

Whether you are new or familiar with Adam's work, we suggest you begin with The Shadow of Our Dark & Our Light before diving into the Male Shadow or Female Shadow workshops. Clarifying and specifying for yourself what Shadow is, is central to entering into working with your personal Shadow self. This avoids many! traps of the mind and emotional patterning that are specifically designed to prevent our access to our Shadow.

Allow yourself to gently relax your protecting beliefs and sink into the deeply safe, transformational environment Adam is widely known for holding for his students and clients. to viscerally contact a facet or facets of your full self normally kept hidden from the rest of your life.


In this groundbreaking presentation, Adam lays out:

  • Exactly what is and what is not your Shadow...it's not what you were taught;
  • The actual, evolutionary function of the human Shadow within each of us as individuals or as a collective, small or large;
  • The differences between our Dark Self and our Shadow;
  • How our Dark Self perpetuates a shadow just as equally as our Light Self;
  • Ways of accessing - getting underneath - our intellectual and emotional defenses of our Shadow;
  • How best to engage in Shadow work


Adam designed each of the following workshops to be in-depth, personally-catalyzing experiences. He speaks in a way that both communicates and energetically transmits the "space" of the Shadow so that feeling-learners, thinking-learners, and intuitive-learners find a genuine, supportive environment for opening safely into places of old suppression.

In each workshop you'll receive a full and deep understanding of the specific Male/Female Shadow features and challenges that you can take with you far beyond the workshop! So bring your notebook but be prepared to put it down during the guided meditations and visualizations Adam guides you through.



Delivers seminal understandings about male ritual, psychology, sexuality and sensuality, inner vs outer self, authority, patriarchal seduction and enslavement of men, male woundedness and their relationship to death.

FROM THE WORKSHOP:  When a man loses access to his innate power, he is unable to find meaning and purpose in truth and integrity with himself. He reverts to seeking it externally through the Feminine Principle, as a continuation of his deep denial of his sovereignty and effectiveness as primary. This plays out not just in relationships of all kinds with partners but in all areas of his life imbued by the sacred Feminine Principle: in Nature, in his emotional life, as his own inner authority, with his communities, in his relationship to change, his body intimacy, his receptivity, etc.



Delivers essentials insights about the daughter-mother relationship, a woman's reclaiming of her Mother, female woundedness and individuation, the necessity of Home sourced in Body rather than Other, appropriate vs. inappropriate bonding, piercing teachings about women and patriarchy, finding her inner Sacred Masculine, and quite a bit more!

FROM THE WORKSHOP:  When a woman loses access to her innate power, she can't substantiate herself and her experience on her own terms, so she seeks it externally... not just with/through partners but in all areas of her life imbued by the sacred Masculine Principle: her purpose, her inner discipline as an expression of her self-love, her direct, cellular access to the truth of her Being, her loving protectiveness, her capacity to serve without becoming drained or resentful, her outer authority, and her natural, deeply nurturing alone times.


All genuine transformations of Shadow distortions instantly relieves nervous system anxiety, which can then alleviate a host of habitual behaviors such as excessive worry, poor digestion, emotional confusion or overwhelm, and even deeper strata issues, such as intense, habituated self-criticism. The reason for these seemingly miraculous results isn't a miracle at all: by reconnecting to our actual life force vitality, many of the conditions that resulted from a lack of vitality become reversed and balance becomes restored.




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2 reviews for Our Human Shadow

  1. AS

    I just wanted to directly share with you that your male shadow workshop last night was, to say it as elegantly as possible, absolutely f***ing profound. Thank you. I can’t wait for June.

  2. Andrea

    I am watching/receiving your Male Shadow workshop…feeling reverence, and touched by how vulnerable it is to be male. I didn’t know until now that I carried an assumption that it was more vulnerable to be female. As a woman, this is continuing to open up something in me that began in my work with you last week. Bowing to You.

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