Soulsign Astrology Immersion Course

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The Immersion Course is a full-package, Soul-focused, and heart-centered self-certification astrology program. It comes as a set of audio classes, recorded live in clear audio with minimal editing. Adam has also woven practice methods into the Course for building students’ intuitive ability through seemingly-simple exercises that engage both left- and right-brains.

  • Four Modules with 28 classes in total; each class is 2-3 hours
  • mp3 audio format with PDF handouts
  • Customize your own learning!

The Soulsign Astrology Immersion Course teaches you:

  • Cosmological principles
  • Celestial Mechanics
  • Foundational concepts
  • Basics of delineation
  • Intuitive strengthening
  • Evolutionary principles
  • Karma & dharma
  • Leading techniques for reading the Soul's Desire™ itself
  • Transit analysis and timing principles

Those individuals desiring a full-package, Soul-focused, and heart-centered astrology can progress to self-certifying as a Soulsign Astrologer.

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The Immersion Course is highly suited to self-paced study as all materials already exist in either book, audio or pdf format. Immersion Course students also can schedule private tutoring with founder Adam Gainsburg or a certified Soulsign Astrologer.

The Immersion Course comes as a set of audio classes, recorded live in clear audio with minimal editing. Listen to students' questions and Adam's responses and the lively discussions that ensue!

Each of the 28 classes has an assignment to complete before listening to the audio class - usually involving reading from the main course texts The Soul's Desire for Wholeness and The Soul's Desire & the Evolution of Identity.

These books in eBook format are included in your purchase of the complete course or Modules I, II or III!

Adam has also woven into the Course practice methods for building students' intuitive ability through seemingly-simple exercises that engage both left- and right-brains.

Build your own Course!

Select the Module(s) most suited to your interests using the selection menu above.

Module 1 - Cosmology & Sky Dynamics (4 classes) $325

This module provides the philosophical and conceptual building blocks for the effective practice of Soulsign Astrology. It also introduces and grounds the basic workings of our solar system in your body and your awareness.

1.  Spiritual & Cosmological Background – Soul & Identity; masculine & feminine; duality; contrast/conflict; evolutionary urge.

2.  Celestial Mechanics - Ecliptic; rotation vs. revolution; concentricity of orbits; viewing angle; signs vs. houses.

3.  Reality of Astrological Influence - Definitions: signs, planets, houses, angles, aspects; House systems; “how to read” basics.

Module II - Foundational Astrology (7 classes) $575

This module presents the building blocks of all astrological understanding and how they effectively interact and co-create our inner and outer realities.

 1.  Astrological Spheres - hemispheres, quadrants

2.  Astro-Energetics - modalities, elements

 3.  Angles - AC, DC, MC, IC; axes

 4.  Planets - special focus on Mars & Venus, Pluto & Chiron

 5.  Aspects

 6.  Retrogradation

 7.  Other Areas - glyphs, sign triggers

Module III - Soul-Level Astrology (7 classes) $575

This module introduces and deeply explores the reality of Soul-level consciousness and how it informs and is informed by an Identity-based reality.

1.  SouthNode-NorthNode around the Wheel – sign and house meanings

2.  SouthNode & NorthNode Dispositor

3.  Pluto/Polarity as Soul’s Desires

4.  6-Step Model

Module IV - Transits (4 classes) $325

How to apply Soul-level natal astrology to the ever-changing yet 'readable' cycles of life. It includes both standard transits and secondary progressions.

1.  Foundations - basics, celestial mechanics of, multi-passes, LifeCycles

2.  Progressions - definitions & description; Sun, Moon, AC, Mercury, Venus, Mars

3.  Combining Progressions & Transits

4.  Optional Class:  Using Solar Fire’s Transit Module and Reports


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Complete Course + books, Module I + books, Module II + books, Module III + books, Module IV, Mentoring + homework review

Additional Material

Included in your purchase of 2 Modules or more are the "Portal Assignments." These assignments are designed to transition you from Module I to Module II and from Module II to Module III in light of the fact that each Module requires a unique kind of thinking. Each "Portal" assignment refers to the time in-between each Module as a gateway or "portal" in your education. They serve to strengthen your intuitive capacity and more deeply entrust the spontaneity of your innate intelligence.

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    Ive been fascinated by astrology since I remember, and been self-studying for some years now…coming across Adams work, I had the feeling that I found what Ive been looking for, and that now was the moment to commit to a deeper work. JM

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