The Soul’s Desire For Wholeness (Book)


Adam’s flagship book covering the foundation of the Soulsign Astrology paradigm. Companion to the Immersion Course.

  • ISBN #1583850368
  • 320 page ebook (PDF)
  • published by Soulsign Publishing

Soulsign Publishing is located in the United States

Adam Gainsburg’s is a crucial new voice in our understanding of consciousness at the Soul-level of being. The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness is a remarkable, clear elucidation of how our deepest life purpose catalyzes our entire life experience. Thorough, non-linear and full of heart, this work positions itself as an important step in our collective evolution. ~ Dr. Jonathan Brendey

In The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness, Adam explains the foundational background, fundamental components, and astrological methods of Soulsign Astrology, a paradigm of astrological insight stemming from the evolution of consciousness and the reality of the Soul. With over fifty clear visual graphics illuminating many of its principles, The Soul’s Desire for Wholeness lays out the map and tools required to track the Soul’s evolutionary Desire through all its manifest expressions as an Identity. Your astrology will never be the same.

Includes comprehensive explanations of basic celestial mechanics, the astrological signs, planets, houses, lunar nodes, angles, aspects, elements, modes, retrogradation, hemispheres, and quadrants, as well as the Soul’s Desire, the Identity’s Vehicle, and special essays on intimacy, manifestation, polarity, Chiron, Pluto, the Moon and more.


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