Session types

There are three disciplines or paths in Soulsign: 
AstrologyOpen Heart ExperienceBreath of the Soul.
Soulsign founder, Adam Gainsburg, is exceptionally skilled at facilitating you into your greater fullness while always maintaining a powerful container of Love and safety.
In all of his work, Adam is committed to the ancient principle,
“The greatest power requires the lightest touch.”


chart & sky session

Adam is at the leading edge of today’s renaissance in Sky-centered astrology. He has formulated methods to synergize your birth chart with your birth sky, something quite rare in today’s astrological marketplace. Adam weaves together your natal Chart and Sky, invoking a vast library of information about you only possible through this powerful combination. Your Chart & Sky Session will weave the deeper psychospiritual and evolutionary symbols of your birth Chart with the “living ancient wisdom” in your birth Sky. Each session delivers a vibrant experience and deep understanding of your Soul’s evolutionary Desire, the original divine intention for your life. By blending your natal chart’s meanings with the crucial Sky Factors of your planets – like brightness, Earth Proximity and speed, Adam is able to speak to those areas of your life you have questions about at multiple levels of awareness. The integration of these sky factors into your birth chart dramatically expands your ability to know and live your individual karmic/dharmic blueprint. Adam encourages coming into the session with questions or areas of concern as well as requests for support in greater creativity, fulfillment and fun!

feminine~masculine inner marriage session

Less an astrology ‘reading’ and more an alchemical experience, the Inner Marriage session unites your inner feminine and inner masculine within a safe, intimate environment as revealed by your astrological birth chart. Adam is excellent at distilling very deep levels of consciousness into language you can understand and work with over time. He explains the natal conditions of your femininity and masculinity, interpreting both the chart and the sky at the moment of your birth. He looks at many factors, including relevant asteroids and midpoints, in addition to the primary symbols of our femininity and masculinity: Venus and Mars. Inner Marriage sessions usually begin with a deeper conversation in which questions can be asked and explored, without a habitual  grasping for easy answers. Inner Marriage clients have shared their appreciation for the ‘big space’ Adam holds. This session culminates in a ceremony or ritual of sorts in which you are guided in marrying, in your own unique manner, the masculine and feminine within you. 

chiron wholeness session

Chiron Wholeness explores your astrological Chiron through the lens of Adam’s four stage map of Chironic initiation. This map has become widely respected in the astrological community. It describes each crucial stage of uncovering and somaticizing the cellular wisdom we each carry deep within our sacred heart. This wisdom is a precious and vital gift to others which requires great courage to own and act upon. It’s who we are in a profound sense and our whole-self response to life’s changes in perfect measure and timing to the circumstances and people we encounter in our lives.  In your session, Adam will dive into each step of your Chiron map at birth, including progressions and transits currently active for you.   **This session is especially supportive for those who have experienced or are experiencing a breaking-open of the heart, often accompanied by raw tenderness, loneliness and/or a sense of losing control or being un-moored. Though uncomfortable and unsettling, these experiences ready us for the next step in our evolution: increased intimacy and collaboration between our ego and our Essence (Soul).

open heart experience

Open Heart workshops are held in a vast and very tangible field of Love without agenda.

If you want to begin a deeper commitment to self-honesty, self-loving, self-responsibility, and living from Heart rather than history, the Open Heart Experience might be for you.

In OHE workshops, Adam holds an impeccable container of Love from his deep heart. What we mean by ‘heart’ in OHE is the space identified by Eastern religions and mystical traditions as the wellspring of our Intelligence and unconditioned Love. Your own heart recognizes this field, producing a near-immediate relaxation of your nervous system. In the Open Heart Experience we don’t give in to emotional and psychological processing — we give in to ourselves as Love so that processing becomes completely free to move and self-liberate. Subconscious controlling and manipulating becomes naturally replaced by your own innate wisdom and kindness, at your natural pace.

Over time you develop an unshakeable resiliency and intimacy with yourself, with others and with life. Choosing the openness of your moment in Love over old habits re-centers you in your endogenous Love, wisdom, power, spaciousness, creativity and authentic passion.

Noted side-effects of OHE: increased curiosity, patience, wonder, enthusiasm, resilience, spontaneity and tendency to not take oneself seriously.

Adam’s gift of facilitating others in these deep spaces results from his own profound commitment to living from one’s Heart. His kindness and skill are unmistakable.

“The Open Heart work I offer is based on the truly revolutionary vision and commitment of Marc Daniels. Marc’s genius and generosity is what has brought me further into myself than anything I’ve ever done, period. I would not be offering Open Heart Experiences without Marc’s profound kindness and wisdom.” ~ Adam

breath of the soul

Breath of the Soul events, workshops & trainings are gentle experiences of opening into and embracing how big your essential self really is. Some of Adam’s clients compare their experience of Breath of the Soul to some of the deepest meditations of their lives. Others describe them as a deceptively simple technique of accessing their own powerful intuitive knowing.

The “technology” at the heart of the Breath of the Soul experience is a union of teachings from West and East. The hallmark of this alchemy is the absence of dogma or quest to change or fix something inside us. Simply dropping into our deeper Self as the container for our next evolutionary growth is all that’s required.

Adam first guides you to become aware of your center, to the place in your body you feel most stable and present. Using a few simple, gentle breaths, you then link your center to the spaces around your body.

The BOS isn’t pranayama, with its rigorous attention to and techniques of inhalation and exhalation. The BOS is much more a practice of prananiyama, or the “unconstraining of the life force.” Awareness becomes fused with body-sense, significantly increasing what’s possible safely.