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Your Life More Fully Connected

Through his astrological counseling, Adam goes beyond knowledge to foster in us an intimate experience of our celestial potential, thus activating a life more fully connected with the stream of our unique Dharma.

Adam’s books, lectures and workshops foster a more vital engagement with contemporary astrology, inviting​ theory and understanding to become cellular reality — only possible when Sky meets Earth in our deep heart.

Adam is also committed to making astrology as accessible as possible without losing any of its depth. He created an entire certification course in Soulsign Astrology along with special topic trainings in Mars & Venus, the lunar nodes, Chiron and his Living Sky techniques.

Chart & Sky Session

Adam weaves together your natal Chart and Sky, invoking a vast library of information about you only possible through this powerful combination. Your Chart & Sky Session will weave the deeper psychospiritual and evolutionary symbols of your birth Chart with the “living ancient wisdom” in your birth Sky.

Each session delivers a vibrant experience and deep understanding of your Soul’s evolutionary Desire, the original divine intention for your life. By blending your natal chart’s meanings with the crucial Sky Factors of your planets – like brightness, Earth Proximity and speed, Adam is able to speak to those areas of your life you have questions about at multiple levels of awareness. The integration of these sky factors into your birth chart dramatically expands your ability to know and live your individual karmic/dharmic blueprint.

Adam encourages coming into the session with questions or areas of concern as well as requests for support in greater creativity, fulfillment and fun!

Inner Masculine & Feminine Marriage SESSION

Less an astrology ‘reading’ and more an alchemical experience, Inner Marriage sessions bring together your inner feminine and inner masculine within a safe, intimate environment.

Out of this vitally important relationship, you are then guided in marrying them throughout your body, heart and mind.

Adam is exceptionally skilled at facilitating you into your greater fullness while always maintaining a powerful container of Love and safety.

More information on the Feminine & Masculine


Chiron’s Wholeness explores your astrological Chiron through the lens of Adam’s four stage map of Chironic initiationThis map has become widely respected in the astrological community. It describes each crucial stage of uncovering and somaticizing the cellular wisdom we each carry deep within our sacred heart. This wisdom is a precious and vital gift to others which requires great courage to own and act upon. It’s who we are in a profound sense and our whole-self response to life’s changes in perfect measure and timing to the circumstances and people we encounter in our lives.  

In your session, Adam will dive into each step of your Chiron map at birth, including progressions and transits currently active for you.

**This session is especially supportive for those who have experienced or are experiencing a breaking-open of the heart, often accompanied by raw tenderness, loneliness and/or a sense of losing control or being un-moored. Though uncomfortable and unsettling, these experiences ready us for the next step in our evolution: increased intimacy and collaboration between our ego and our Essence (Soul).

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