Mars Transcendence Phase (video)


In this video, Adam highlights the midpoint of the Mars-Sun cycle–the Mars-Sun opposition. This event carries the archetype of masculine transformation, experienced as Transcendence (as opposed to the Feminine mode of transformation, or Transmutation).  

  • Visually-rich presentation: visualizations, graphics and animations of the living sky
  • 110-minute high-res video file suitable on both Mac and PC

Using multiple visualization and astrology softwares as well as graphics, Adam explains the essential astronomical dynamics behind the alignment of Mars, Sun and Earth. He explains the breadth and depth of the many dynamics of this sacred alignment, with special emphasis on what it means for us today.

Includes two gentle, guided visualizations for engaging our intuitive, higher calling related to our own personal Sacred Masculine and Masculine Dharma.

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You receive an mp4 video file, playable on both Mac (iTunes) and PC (Windows Media Player) machines.


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