Eclipses, Lunar Nodes & the Soul (VIDEO)


Focuses on the phenomena of eclipses from the perspectives of basic celestial mechanics, metaphysics and quantum physics. Adam addresses what these events portend for us and how we as individuals can work with the potent energies before and after the actual event.

  • 50+ min MP4 video
  • includes a gentle and powerful Breath of the Soul meditation at the end of the video
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During eclipses, the dependability and integrity of the nodal axis vortex is interrupted. This results in a kind of portal or new opening for other information to enter and exit, which is normally inaccessible. ~ from Eclipses, Lunar Nodes & the Soul


Adam connects the dots across disciplines, seamlessly tying in astrology, astronomy and quantum physics. His talk focuses on the evolutionary significance of the lunar nodes — these powerful points in space which catalyze an ordinary new or full Moon into a solar or lunar eclipse when they are in proximity to the Sun and Moon.

Adam introduces the notion of the nodes as vortices or portals which are not subject to the constraints of linear time…

This video also includes an animated model demonstrating the true motion of Earth and the other planets around the Sun, and the entire solar system’s movement through space.



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