Sky Phases: The Original Planetary Cycles (VIDEO)


A primer on the observable phenomena of the Inner & Outer planets. Adam introduces synodic and heliacal cycles, planetary sky factors, and includes a synopsis of the contrasting Inner and Outer planet impulses.

This revolutionary primer paves the way to integrate sky + chart in service to an enriched 21st century astrology.

  • 80 minute video (MP4)

I have to say that Sky Phases is GROUNDBREAKING!!! This is of another level; I’m already intuiting that it will call for an entire revision of my astrological perception. My blessings to Adam and his team, this work shows so much devotion and scholarship! --M.B.

Rooted in ancient skywatching traditions, the sky phases of the planets represent the very origin of the astrological tradition. The living sky was in fact the very first astrological “chart.” This lecture will introduce you to the fundamental sky differences between inner and outer planets including the little-known celestial factors which link modern astrology to our shared roots as astrologers. Adam explains how the combination of sound astrological technique, little-known sky factors of the visible planets, and the central role planetary phases occupy in all of astrology, can deepen and broaden your astrology.

“...In ancient astrology the ‘real’ planet was not the mass of physical matter on which man may land someday, but the orbital space defined by the revolution of that physical mass around the sun; in other words the ‘field’ of the relationship of that planet to the sun..” ~ Dane Rudhyar, The Planetarization of Consciousness


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