Breath of the Soul™

An alchemical experience of your Soul

The Breath of the Soul is a highly adaptable, gentle breath practice which implicitly supports any somatic practice, healing technique or spiritual meditation.

Not pranayama in the traditional sense, the Breath of the Soul experience infuses your natural respiration cycle with awareness and presence. It’s breath work that increases your heart-full willingness to feel the space around you as implicitly supportive.

In the Soulsign work, this orientation to reality is called omnidimensionality, which allows you to you know yourself to be both matter and beyond matter, simultaneously.

BOS can be used in four main ways:

  • as a diagnostic tool
  • as a healing modality
  • as a device for balancing
  • as a spiritual practice


“Hi Adam, I wanted to share about a client that I use BOS with. She was sexually abused, raped, as a child. A young lady. When I met her she was not one ounce in her body. BOS has done magic. It helps her ground and feel what she is feeling.”
~ Elena Salazar

Breath of the Soul Training

Every so often, Adam offers a Breath of the Soul Practitioner Training. This training is structured for counselors, therapists, healing-arts and meditation practitioners who want to facilitate the practice for their clients and students.

Created by Soulsign founder Adam Gainsburg, the BOS Trainings deliver a complete experiential education of the practice in its neurological, spiritual and quantum dimensions. The trainings rely on trainees’ direct experience in concert with the cross-disciplinary education in various fields.

As a meditation and deep therapy technique, Breath of the Soul is currently used by psychologists, yoga teachers, hypnotherapists, animal communicators, social workers, meditation instructors, and sound healers with their clients and students.

“Adam does a beautiful job weaving in the science of spirituality as well as honoring personal experience for practitioners. Training with him virtually was seamless with all the benefits of in-person training. The BOS practices were introduced and integrated into the training in an intuitive and well-sequenced way for those of us intending to use the meditation in our own practice, as well as those who hope to share it with others. Adam is a masterful teacher whose skill at appealing to the intellectual and mystic alike is refreshing and provides a welcome example of how we can embody what we know to be true.” ~ Andrea Browning, 2020 BOS Level I graduate