From Wound to Heart with Chiron (video)


This video focuses on the Soulsign 4-stage model of Chironic wholeness from Wound to Medicine. Adam also brings forward his working theory of Chiron as a higher octave of the Moon and the sensitivity of the Chiron/Moon midpoint.

  • 1hr 40 min of video (MP4) lecture, plus a second video of Adam interpreting Chiron on several attendees’ charts

“Chiron is a complex symbol for how the heart’s innate wisdom reveals and heals the karmic and genetic beliefs that we are separate from who we are and what we most treasure.” Our separateness is the foundation of what makes us human and is the basis for our ego (represented in our current life by the Moon’s sign/house/aspects).

In this video, Adam includes the basic astronomy and mythology of Chiron, plus its special correlation with the signs of Aries and Libra. He also discusses Chiron as the higher octave of the Moon before he delves into his unique model of the 4-stages of Chironic Wholeness. From the Sacred Wound through the Broken-Open Heart experience we Make our Medicine. When our Medicine becomes embodied, our Medicine Walk is the expression of our heart’s wisdom as our gift to others; a spontaneous response in perfect measure and timing to circumstances and people we encounter in our lives.


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