Intimacy: The Way of Opening Our Hearts (ARTICLE)


Adam introduces twelve distinct avenues to Intimacy through the different fundamental desires of each zodiac sign.

  • 7 pages in PDF format

Authentic intimacy transcends and includes all prior ego developmental stages and illuminates what’s newly possible.

This intimacy is not limited to human interaction alone; we can experience true intimacy with our ancestors, nature, animals, other celestial intelligence — all sentient life.

The masculine and feminine principles and their contradictory impulses permeate all creation, comprising the engine of evolution itself.

The Way of Opening Our Hearts includes a summary of these principles and presents Intimacy as both the invitation and the outcome of these opposing forces (to be) reconciled.

This article presents a hopeful message: our patterns, shadow elements and history need not come between us and true intimacy. In fact, they are the soil from which true intimacy blossoms.


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