Sky Phases of Saturn (AUDIO)


A comprehensive examination of Saturn from multiple perspectives: its general and hidden meanings in astrology, its glyph decoded, and Saturn’s celestial reality at different stages of its Sun cycle as perceived from Earth.

  • 85 min MP3 audio
  • Full set of powerpoint slides in PDF format explaining basic Sky Astrology principles as well as the Morning and Evening Star periods.
  • Saturn’s Sky Events document which includes each of the relevant events described astronomically and intrepretively.

Gain a fuller picture and intimacy with the “great malefic” by learning how Saturn’s celestial dance with the Sun above and below our horizon in morning and evening skies reveal Saturn’s other face: as the most important function within us for achieving, strengthening, and enjoying the unique fruits of earthly life.

In this teaching, Adam offers a comprehensive examination of Saturn from multiple perspectives, including unpacking Saturn’s glyph and commenting on Saturn’s general and hidden astrological meanings. He also highlights the celestial reality of Saturn, including the sky events relevant to Saturn’s phases with the Sun and what some of them may mean in astrology.

Adam demonstrates the best and most simple way to quickly identify your natal Saturn Phase with nothing more than your birth chart. Chart examples are used to illuminate the phase meanings of Saturn.


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