Breath of the Soul Meditation (video)


A rare video of Adam presenting and facilitating the gently powerful Breath of the Soul Meditation.

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About the video

This is the only video recorded of Adam's presentation of the Breath of the Soul material!

Recorded at the Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center and shot by artist Cristo Berardi, this is the full Friday evening talk and meditation led by Adam, originator of the Breath of the Soul Meditation. In this talk he explains much about how and why the Breath of the Soul is so effective, whether you are an experienced meditator or a skilled healer. Included in the 46-minute video is a full meditation practice which Adam facilitates. As with any experience with Adam, you learn a lot more than the topic at hand! He explains some of the misperceptions by western seekers of spirituality today, and engages the audience directly, illuminating and expanding on their questions and shared experience of the meditation that evening. We highly recommend you follow along and do the meditation that Adam facilitates in the video!

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Breath of the Soul Meditationfacilitates a direct experience of your Soul throughout your entire being. It utilizes your orientation in space/time and your clear heart’s intention to touch a state of consciousness known in the Soulsign work as omnidimensionality. Simultaneously you know yourself to be both matter and beyond matter.

It is a next-step pranayama or breath-based practice requiring nothing from us but our breath, our conscious attention, and our heartful willingness to see ourselves and the space around us as implicitly supportive.

“I found the Breath of the Soul meditation quite remarkable and look forward to exploring it’s possibilities. My experience the evening of the class was energetically profound. I send heartfelt thanks as I acknowledge your wisdom, expertise and Mastery.  — Alicia Sirkin, BFRP, Personal Development Coach and Bach Remedy Educator”

In essence, the Breath of the Soul helps us to forge a very deep, almost intimate connection between what we feel to be 'in here' (such as our emotions) and what we perceive to be 'out there' (such as a friend’s response to our emotions). It increases how much of ourselves we feel comfortable in, or as one practitioner calls it, the amount of real estate we feel to be authentically, truly us. How this happens is quite simple to understand: through our Breath practice, our center grows outward in all directions organically, facilitating a dropping away of fear of others and the unknown. The physical spaces we formerly held as ‘out there’ transform before our eyes, as ‘outside’ becomes ‘inside.’ We feel instantaneously at ease and notice that we are more present in more areas of our life.

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