The Heart & the Lunar Nodes (Beyond the Dragon’s Head & Tail)


The lunar nodes literally form the heart of astrology. In this lecture Adam correlates current scientific understanding of the workings of the human heart with the astrological significance of the north and south nodes.

  • 1 hr MP4 video with 11:22 minute audio of Q&A with an option to purchase a recording of Adam’s Nodal Axis ‘meditations.’
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Where the nodes are positioned at birth contextualizes how/where the Soul—via the Self Identity–-is learning to move from the past/the known (South Node) into uncharted waters/the unknown (North Node). Using leading-edge science on HRV (Heart Rate Variability), Adam suggests a correlation of our ability to process emotion with our availability for the unknown (North Node).

Adam speaks to synodic cycles as the fundamental ‘Astrology as a Wave’ principle because they are unhinged from any fixed reference, and elaborates on the immersive (South Node) and emergent (North Node) qualities of the nodes. With astonishing accompanying visuals, this video invites us to experience the immediacy and intimacy of the lunar nodes.

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