The New Capricorn Mars Cycle 2023-2026


The new Capricorn Mars Cycle is an incredible opportunity for humanity to take charge and responsibility for itself in unprecedented ways! Select the combination best for you:

  • The Live Webinar with Adam delivers the experience of the unique opportunities and challenges of the cycle through direct experience
  • Adam’s comprehensive new Mars Calendar, covering Mars’ entire journey from late 2023 through January of 2026
  • The Masculinity Themes section from the Calendar
  • Any combination that fits you best!

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Why Capricorn? From the next Mars-Sun conjunction in Scorpio in November 2023 until their following conjunction in Scorpio in January 2026, Mars will first appear as a MorningStar in the sign of tropical Capricorn. Here's a little about this cycle from Adam's newest Mars Calendar:

"This Capricorn Mars Cycle will organize collective opportunities for humanity to mature its actions and their results with more awareness, less reactivity and a deeper, sacred responsibility to care for life on Earth. Many, many people will be confronted with the ways we are currently not being responsible for our choices, consciously and unconsciously, through apparently dire situations in which we cannot control the outcome."


Enter this powerful and experiential webinar to forward your personal connection and resonance with the deeper healing potential and growth edges that this cycle will meet us with.

Adam gives a preview of the new motorcycle in its major themes, challenges and unique astronomical events that will make it such a deep opportunity for us to truly mature, as individuals, members of our local society and as Earth citizens. He opens the webinar with the full view of just what the Living Sky really is and how critical it is for us to take ownership of how we see and what we experience. He leads you through several guided meditations to somaticize and become intimate with what this cycle is asking of you.

Adam's style of holding these webinars relies on his insightful interpretations and skillful way of guiding us into deep and personal experiences. For Adam's most recent webinars focused on Mars and Venus, check out here >


Sample of the new Capricorn Mars Cycle by Adam Gainsburg. Click for full size >

This new Mars Cycle, or Mars-Sun synod, beginning November 17th/18th (time zone dependent) marks 15 years since Adam first went public with his Mars work by offering live events and detailed calendars on the Mars Cycle. In a recent interview, Adam explained, "Learning and incorporating this more embodied relationship with the planet Mars in the practice of astrology - for self personally or for others professionally - has always been the form I've used to educate, inspire and empower people to contact the authentic masculine inside themselves."

His first teaching, article and calendar about his system of Mars Phases and Cycles went public in 2008 during the prior Capricorn Mars Cycle. This is the first time since then that Mars will journey through the Capricorn Cycle again (identified by the sign of Mars at his MorningStar heliacal rising) and will be backlit by the same stars and constellations at critical points through the cycle, such as his MorningStar and EveningStar squares, his Sun opposition and his heliacal rising and setting among others.

Adam has been consistently producing and improving his Mars Calendars since then, earning him a reputation for his expertise in the higher and deeper dimensions of astrological Mars (through its Phases and Cycles beyond sign, house and aspects). He has lectured and taught deeper courses on the Mars Phases, the Sky Astrology of Mars, and how to integrate natal Mars (sign, house and aspects) with phasal Mars (brightness, visibility, speed, latitude and Earth proximity).

In honor of this, this year has created his most comprehensive Mars Calendar to date! Both professionals and astrolytes will find much to learn from the pages of this calendar which is structured on and includes psychological, archetypal and evolutionary descriptions of each of Mars' 13 Phases, along with Mars' zodiacal position, latitude, elongation and Sky Viewing guidance and explanations of Mars' Sky Factors, like earth proximity, speed, brightness, and visibility along with Mars' aspects to:

  • All planets
  • All main and some minor asteroids
  • Select constellational elements
  • All main stars and some clusters and nebulae
  • Galactic center and super galactic center

The new calendar also includes Mars':

  • Crossings of the ecliptic (latitude)
  • Entries and exits of out-of-bounds
  • Occulting conjunctions (conjunction by longitude and latitude)
  • Much more!

But the calendars have grown in popularity perhaps more for the Themes section in which Adam breaks down and explains with his signature thoroughness the deep understandings into the core dynamics of the planet Mars itself and then how those impulses within each of us will play out through the collective expression of sign consciousness of Capricorn.

For those interested in the current Venus Calendar, please visit here >

About the Work: Adam has extensive resources on Mars throughout this site. Please explore them to find what excites you into action!
“Thank you Adam!! That Mars webinar you taught was waaaaay more than a webinar. It was like I was being called-to-my-inner-arms of my masculinity. Don't really know how to describe it. Honor you for how you transmit your connection to Mars and the True Masculine and your passion in doing so!”
~ John Kuypman

Additional information

Option information:

The LIVE WEBINAR with Adam includes downloadable video and audio recordings.

The FULL CALENDAR is the complete 25-35 page Capricorn Mars Calendar by Adam Gainsburg which includes all Mars transits to/from other bodies, Mars' movement into and out of out-of-bounds, north and south latitude, star alignments; in addition to each Phase's archetypal, evolutionary and psycho-emotional qualities; Mars' position by longitude, latitude, speed, declination and visibility (MorningStar, MidnightStar, EveningStar, Invisible). The FULL CALENDAR naturally includes the entire THEMES section.
PLEASE NOTE: your order of the Full Calendar will be emailed to you once it is complete. Adam estimates November 13 if not earlier.

The CALENDAR THEMES are the 4-5 page, in-depth explanations of the multi-layered potentials of this Mars Cycle at both collective and personal levels of consciousness. It includes descriptions of this facet of the Masculine Light, the Masculine Shadow and the underlying structural wiring within human consciousness of this Cycle's Masculinity growth and awakening goals (Capricorn).
PLEASE NOTE: your order of the Calendar Themes will be emailed to you once it is complete. Adam estimates November 13 if not earlier.

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