Breath of the Soul Level II Training

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Prerequisite: completion of the BOS Level I Training

This Level II Training took place over the weekend of July 31 – August 1, 2020. The Training significantly deepened our experience with each of the components of the practice learned in the Level I Training: Center, Spheres and Breath. This resulted in a much greater intimacy with “where” we are, how we feel in our body and with what in our environment we are interacting.

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Since 2005, the Breath of the Soul has been practiced by hundreds of individuals and couples for its graceful means of re-centering us in our heart without the need for our meditation cushion. It's a direct "right here, right now" way to get bigger in our understanding and deeper in our bodies.

Level II Training is best for current BOS practitioners who want to deepen their practice and/or to incorporate BOS into one's existing client practice (counseling, coaching, healing practices).


We revisited each of the fundamentals of the practice from a more experienced, somaticized or fluent position. This then opened new possibilities for how we identify and relate with our Center, how we identify and relate with our Spheres and reveals new pathways for our Breath.

As this training is the groundwork for incorporating BOS into an existing professional practice, Adam extensively covered the ways in which an individual has limited access to her/his Center, Spheres or complete, natural Breath, along with how to correct each situation.

Adam's gift of providing individualized suggestions based on the many practice exercises he offers throughout the Training will also be in full effect!

The Level II Training offers a deep intimacy with one's timeless Self, a cellular bridge between our innate higher consciousness and the profound simplicity of fully inhabiting one's Body with an open mind and heart.


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  1. Justin Sarno

    After taking two levels of the BOS Training, I feel grateful for the existence of this modality, and continue to feel this gratitude any time I choose to practice it. BOS gives myself and my clients a simple way to create an open & alive space for whatever is happening. This space isn’t forced, but arises naturally. The whole architecture of Adam’s system emphasizes non-force, accentuating the unrestricting of the breath, and the unfurling of felt-presence & connection through the layers of body and space. BOS is one of my most effective methods for helping clients self-regulate and create room for the possibility of greater interior intelligence & deep personal growth. I look forward to a rich road of learning & benefit from BOS. Thank you Adam.

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