Venus Mars Embodiments


Join Adam in these deeply moving experiences of your inner Venus and Mars to Embody your innate union of the Feminine and Masculine within you!

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From Adam~
"Thanks very much for your interest in joining these Embodiments of our collective Venus and Mars Phases. I call these Embodiments because that's what I want for you: to somaticize each one INTO your own Body-intelligent Wisdom. It's impossible to capture the scope of the blessings that come when we open to the Phases of Mars and Venus together deeper than our intellects with our heart at the Center. I specifically chose these Venus-Mars alignments to give us a kind of pathway of inner unifying of our polarities within ourselves during an incredibly divisive time on the planet.

"In each Embodiment, I'll explain what's happening in the Sky and on the Chart between Venus and Mars and any other involved planets or points, the potentials and shadow challenges implicit then, and the deeper, evolutionary implications for us as awakening human beings. And each Embodiment will complete with a guided meditation I'll lead into the Venus-Mars dynamic inside our Heart- and Body-Wisdoms."


  1. February 3, 7-8p PDT, $33 - Venus in Pisces square Mars in Gemini - RECORDINGS AVAILABLE NOW!
  2. March 10, 7-8p PDT, $33 - Venus in Aries sextile Mars in Gemini
  3. May 23, 7-8p PDT, $33 - Venus conjunct Moon as Venus transitions from South to North latitude and Mars conjunct the Moon and squaring Jupiter and the Lunar Nodes
  4. July 2, 10a-12p PDT, $55 - SPECIAL WORKSHOP: Venus' & Mars' closest to one another all year! A full, guided somatic tracking and integration of their June dance together with Black Moon Lilith, Pallas Athene and the Moon
  5. August 13, 9a-10a PDT, $33 - Venus ends her Capricorn Cycle and begins her new Leo Cycle with her final Sacred Release interior conjunction with the Sun

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All 5 Embodiments, February 3 downloads, March 10 downloads, May 23 downloads, July 2 Workshop, August 13


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