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For the first time, Adam held a 3 hour workshop to experientially introduce the fundamentals of the Breath of the Soul Meditation. He explained the basic components of the practice – Center, spheres and breath types – and how to customize the practice to fit your or your clients’ needs. This workshop took place on July 23, 2022.

  • Price includes access to the recording(s) and handouts
  • Workshop included experiential guided meditations as well as Q&A time

This live Breath of the Soul  3 hour workshop is a perfect introduction to the potency and potentials of this meditation as a tool for personal growth and/or client support.

Adam's central intention in offering this workshop is to give you plenty of practice time, experiencing the meditation for yourself. To this end, the workshop will include a number of guided meditations with Q&A time afterwards.

About the Practice: The Breath of the Soul is a highly adaptable, gentle breath practice which implicitly supports any somatic practice, healing technique or spiritual meditation. Not pranayama in the traditional sense, the Breath of the Soul experience infuses your natural respiration cycle with awareness and presence. It’s breathwork that increases your heart-full willingness to feel the space around you as implicitly supportive.

“I wanted to share about a client that I use BOS with. She was sexually abused, raped, as a child. A young lady. When I met her she was not one ounce in her body. BOS has done magic. It helps her ground and feel what she is feeling.”
~ Elena Salazar, graduate of the BOS Level I Training

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