Venus Returns!


Join one of today’s leaders in Venus Astrology and many devoted followers of the Living Sky for a deeply moving and catalyzing experience to usher Venus back into our skies, now as the Queen of Heaven & Earth!

There has been no Venus in our skies, anywhere around the Earth, since early September. That's about to change now!

Learn more about the current Capricorn Venus Calendar here


Please join Adam for an utterly illuminating and immersive experience - not just left-brain information! - to celebrate Venus' return to our skies as EveningStar now. He will cover and transmit:

  • The necessity of including ALL faces of Venus in our lives now
  • How Venus came to transition from MorningStar to EveningStar, what the essential and tangible differences are between these two Venuses
  • The evolutionary potential and importance of Venus' ReBirth Phase now
  • The Feminine Underworld and our human shadow, and
  • How re-turning, re-membering and re-birthing are so re-lated to one another!

As with each live event he holds, Adam will lead a guided journey to somaticize this powerful return of our Inner Feminine.

If you are already familiar with the Venus Cycle and her phases, you won't want to miss this live event because he will also be explaining a little-known dynamic within her cycle: the timing and meaning of Venus' Revisits, when she returns to specific, important degrees from her MorningStar Period now as EveningStar!

This beautifully articulates one of her core themes - continuity - that she is as the archetype of the Feminine Principle.  In fact, this topic of Venus' Revisits, Adam hasn't written about or presented on before. Don't miss the debut!


About the Work: Adam's book, The Light of Venus is the textbook in astrology for the entire Cycle of Venus through each of Her 13 Phases. Also check out: The Phases of Venus Video Course



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