Receiving is in the Receiving (audio)


“When we give we are sending out an invitation and we receive exactly what was written on the invitation…we are saying, ‘I am ready to receive (fill in the blank)’”.

More a contemplation than a meditation, this talk turns the notions of ‘giving’ and ‘receiving’ inside out. These are concepts we take for granted without a second thought. But what might result from deeper examination? This talk explores

  • the difference between ‘self’ versus ‘Self’ and which one is doing the giving
  • how a genuine motivation to give selflessly may still be infused with hidden agendas
  • who is the true recipient of our offering?
  • 27 min MP3 audio file; link for download emailed after purchase
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This audio was recorded in 2003 at a beautifully renovated barn in Ohio, owned by a couple who were Adam's clients. Impressed with his Soul-infused awareness, intuitive gifts and succinct communication style, they invited Adam to speak to a gathering of friends and kindred spirits.

This is Adam in the early days of his astrological practice, though he'd been an avid stargazer already for some time. Just prior to taking the group on a stargazing excursion he leads a discussion on the conventional notions of 'giving' and 'receiving' and how we might re-imagine Receiving as the truest form of generosity.

The discussion begins with the important distinction between the smaller 'self' and the larger, whole 'Self' (in short the self with a hidden agenda versus the Essence Self). An important question to ask is, “What is it I’m actually participating in in the giving?”. The same goes for receiving—do we receive conditionally? Adam asks us to conceive if we were deeply connected to our environment -- both human and more-than-human -- how that would transform the act of giving.  What becomes evident is the importance of increasing our awareness of what it is we are giving and the true motivation behind what we offer.

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