Major Returns of Mercury, Venus & Mars

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Major Phase Returns are, specifically, the return of the elongation between the two bodies in question or the phase angle between them. Adam has spent lots of time over many years researching both the astronomically-accurate returns and the life changes and events in clients' lives that correlate with the meanings of each return.

Note about the listed ages of the Mercury Returns:  the closest (and thus strongest) returns of the Sun-Mercury elongation vary considerably from person to person. The strongest major Mercury returns throughout one's life are determined by the natal phase angle. Specifically where one was born in the Mercury heliacal cycle - early MorningStar retrograde, late MorningStar retrograde, early Morningstar direct before max elongation, late Morningstar direct after max elongation, etc. IS the distinguishing factor for determining the closest major returns.  As a simplistic example, most people who are born with MorningStar Mercury near maximum elongation from the Sun will have their first Major Mercury Return at 7 years old, whereas those born with EveningStar Mercury close to its retrograde station will have the first Major Return at 13 years old.

The Venus and Mars Major Returns happen consistently at the ages listed.



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