The Chiron Moon Connection (ARTICLE)


This article summarizes Adam’s findings around the relationship of Chiron and the Moon with the formation of the ego, with both precipitating the development of self-consciousness.

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Soulsign identifies the Moon as significator of our ego and the foundation of our current life Self-Identity. In The Chiron Moon Connection, Adam puts forward the suggestion that — along with its function as a bridge between known and unknown and as indicator of our deepest wound — Chiron plays an equally important function in the development of our ego. Using the concept of octaves in astrology, Adam invokes Chiron as the higher octave of the Moon.

From the Soulsign perspective, Chiron initiates a wounding that when met with an open heart as the wound is triggered later in life, catalyzes the maturation of our emotional body (Moon), alchemizing Sacred Wound into Sacred Medicine.

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