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Activate your personal Earth-Sky embodied wisdom!

  • Activate your cellular union of Soul & Identity
  • Learn simple breath techniques that empower you to live your chart
  • Relevant to all levels of astrolytes
  • Reserve your seat by June 29

MCIIMB Courses are at the evolutionary edge of astrology today!

* MY CHART IS (IN) MY BODY * a cellular re-membering of our deep intimacy with the Kosmos at the moment of our birth. 

Modern astrology is brilliant, culturally diverse and applicable to every area of human life today. And yet... modern astrology suffers from a massive incongruity between, on the one hand, its vast and deep understandings, helpful real-world guidance and historical/cultural contexts and, on the other, its inability to breach the limitations of intuition and intellectual understanding into the awakened and embodied living of the truth of our hearts and bodies in our 3D lives.

In other words, nearly all astrology today is being practiced within the creative, imaginal and empowered limitations of our collective, unconscious self-separation - rather than as the living language of our specific Soul's Desire that is the heart of our genuine Life Purpose.


...when the practice of astrology becomes decisively re-centered in the practitioner's creative freedom and intelligent vitality, every astrological technique employed - from the most mundane to the most esoteric - becomes "coded" or evolutionarily and metaphysically entrained to the client's next octave of awakening, growth and creative fulfilment.

MY CHART IS (IN) MY BODY (MCIIMB) offers exactly this. The course has been formed from the intrinsic, deep-body geometry imprinted in every human being's birth which encodes our bodies with our specific celestial-terrestrial "language."  And it is this language or intelligence that is our body's "intelligence" because it is how we are individualized manifestations of an unfolding, intelligent and coherent universe.

MCIIMB Course is not dependent on memorization or advanced astrological correlation skills; it is not a reframing of or an alternative approach to our birth planets; and it's not another energy-body technique extrapolated from the planets' mythological associations.

MCIIMB is Soulsign founder Adam Gainsburg's contribution to reversing the imbalanced relationship between Identity and Soul in astrological practice today, through pragmatic and accessible inner practices anyone can engage with on one's own. The course delivers transformative, eye-opening, inner techniques meant to be worked with in and throughout one's life.

The MCIIMB Practices emanate from a unique combination of the neuro-spiritual technology of the Breath of the Soul, the placements of our birth planets in our birth sky as personally-felt senses, and the timeless truth of As Without, So Within. Each practice leads the practitioner to an intimate understanding/revelation that holds our coded instructions for our individual realization and most effective contribution to our planet, our species and to consciousness itself.

Over time and with practice, this profound inner union then erodes the fear-based patterns of behavior and thinking at their root, and "awakens" our natural access to our Soul Self WITHIN our human body. The timeless wisdom at the sacred moment of our Birth / First-Breath now becomes available at any moment throughout our lives for self-guidance and deep reconnection to our truth.

MCIIMB gives its students an evolutionary edge not just in their astrological practice or in living their lives in alignment with their astrological timings but more importantly in their conscious creativity and intimacy with their passion, power and purpose. This also materializes as improved and refined cognitive function, a release of trauma and increased physiological health.


Each MCIIMB course takes you deeper into your Knowing of
your own chart and fosters your unique Sacred Marriage of Outer and Inner,
Other and Self, and Earth and Sky all in a safe and deeply personal way.

Your commitment to practicing these techniques long after the course will increase 
your capacity to LIVE your chart in EVERY area of your life!


  • No prerequisite to join, but a basic knowledge of the positions of one's birth planets is helpful. Let us know if we can assist you!
  • Course #1 is composed of four 1-hour experiential workshops on each of the somatic axies of the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Ascendant, Descendant, Middle Heaven (MC) and Inner Heaven (IC).
  • Before the first class, students receive a video download from Adam introducing and orienting them to the teachings to come and offering suggested best practices for getting the most out of the course.
  • Course #1 also includes:
    • Introduction to the Breath of the Soul principles
    • Time for Q&A
    • All handouts
    • Class recordings
 Just announced!
COURSE #1 in July:
July 9, July 16, July 23 & July 30, 2024
Four 1-hour classes beginning at:
12:30p PT | 3:30p ET |
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Registration deadline:  June 29


Course #1 is the prerequisite for the upcoming MCIIMB Courses #2 and #3 that offer more advanced practices and teachings. Courses #2 and #3 will be announced later in 2024.

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2 reviews for MY CHART IS (IN) MY BODY Course #1

  1. Peter

    Though i had little “inside” knowledge of my astrology, this set of techniques and practices feels to me that I’ve been given a direct shortcut to meeting myself, not just as a human being but as a cosmic being…THROUGH my deeply embodied human experience. It’s really hard to describe how pervasive the changes I know are happening for me now. Thank you Adam for this powerful and transformative body of work!

  2. Katherine Zorensky

    This work has given me such a profound inner access to the feeling experience of my natal design, as well as more availability during relevant transits and progressions to growth and transformation. It’s as if I am receiving the blessings even more directly of these celestial bodies, and their inherent collaboration and influence in my internal reference and reality. This is an unprecedented way of making astrology a means of embodiment, which serves both our personal evolution as well as a larger collection potential for a more felt-interconnected humanity.

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