Mars Phase+Chart Delineation


Adam demonstrates with five participant charts how to combine natal Mars by sign/house/aspects with the natal Mars Phase for a more full-bodied delineation of one’s Masculine Dharma. 

  • Class length: 45 minutes
  • HD MP4 video (please download to a desktop or laptop computer rather than a phone or tablet as the file size may interfere with proper downloading to smaller devices)

A planet's phase with the Sun delivers to the astrologer an encompassing and informed understanding of the planet in its own 'full light' ~ Adam

If you are intrigued by the phases but unsure how to incorporate their use in chart delineation, Adam offers five examples using participant's charts. Planetary Phases* are not meant to replace planetary chart factors (sign, house, aspects); rather they are meant to inform us what a natal planet is in service to, otherwise known as our dharma as it relates to that planet's function in our psyche. The phases and their meanings referenced in this class come from Adam's work with the Mars cycle.

This class focuses strictly on delineation, as this webinar will be part of a larger, full-spectrum offering on Mars which will be available in September 2020- just in time for Mars' rare retrograde in Aries!

*planetary phases constitute periods within a full Sun-Planet cycle and are determined by the Sun-Planet elongation and sky factors.


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