The Phases of Mars (video)


Mars’ deeper motive is always with a view toward the individual in relationship with his/her environment. This becomes evident when we look into the Mars-Sun cycle and its phases.

The Phases of Mars reveals a fresh perspective of the Red Planet, as Adam views Mars as significator of our Masculine nature and the phases of the Mars-Sun cycle as indicators of our unique Masculine Dharma.

  • 1 hr 12 minute high definition MP4 video

Most astrology holds Mars to a very limited set of qualities: aggressiveness, action, anger, motivation and instinct, to name a few. We activate a different set of Martian qualities only available when we open up our astrology to include the living sky. Planetary phases echo the relational nature of all life and reveal how we are meant to experience and contribute from our deepest desire. In this way, the phases of Mars broaden our understanding of planetary Mars as agent of our masculine impulse in service to an improved society.

In this video Adam covers the 13 unique phases within the Mars cycle and the phase-specific treasure which an individual carries and discovers as they explore the phases' meaning through conscious participation with life.

Watch a sample from the Phases of Mars lecture:


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