Take your astrology INTO your body through proven and gentle techniques to cellularly awaken YOUR body’s sky-wisdom!

  • Select the learning track that fits you best
  • Each somatic meditation sourced in your birth chart
  • Learn simple breath techniques both for expansion and for grounding
  • Discover the true brilliance of your personal birth chart
  • Each track includes handouts and class recordings

* MY CHART IS (IN) MY BODY * a revolutionary return to the unchanging wholeness
implicit in the genuine practice of true astrology.

...provides the most direct methods of re-inhabiting the fundamental
intelligence of our body - our Soul - as the expression of our birth chart's full potential.

Modern astrology is brilliant, culturally diverse and applicable to every area of human life today. And yet... modern astrology suffers from a massive incongruity between, on the one hand, its vast and deep understandings, helpful real-world guidance and historical/cultural contexts and, on the other, its inability to breach the boundary of intuition and intellectual understanding into the awakened and embodied knowing of our Soul's truth in our 3D lives.

In other words, nearly all astrology today is being practiced within the creative, imaginal and empowered limitations of our Personal Identity - the foundation of our separation - rather than as the living language of our individual Soul's Desire that is the heart of our genuine Life Purpose.

Until now...

When the practice of astrology becomes re-centered deeply in the practitioner's embodied aliveness and creative freedom, every astrological technique employed - from the most mundane to the most esoteric - becomes "coded" or evolutionarily and metaphysically entrained to the client's next octave of growth, abundance and creative fulfilment.

MY CHART IS (IN) MY BODY (MCIIMB) courses teach the intrinsic, body-centered geometry, terrestrial-celestial body language, and the somatic intimacy of planetary positions for any astrological moment. These courses are not mentally-dependent classes; they are not a reframing of or alternative approach to our birth planets; and they are not another energy-body technique extrapolated from the planets' mythological associations.

MCIIMB courses are Soulsign's founder Adam Gainsburg's contribution to reversing the imbalanced relationship between Identity and Soul in astrological practice today through direct, accessible, inner meditations or practices one can engage on one's own.

MCIIMB combines the neuro-spiritual technology of the Breath of the Soul, the topocentric accuracy of chart-based astrology and the timeless truth of As Within, So Without to reveal our birth / first-breath moment as our deepest, coded instructions for our individual liberation and our most effective contribution to our planet, our species and consciousness itself. This produces a conscious reboot of the implicit marriage between our true Being and current self, between our Soul and Identity, that completely resituates any karmic, epigenetic or preverbal conditioning that has not yet been embraced in our deepest Hearts. This union then begins to erode our fear-based patterns of behavior and thinking and literally "awakens" our conscious awareness to our Soul or Real Self.

Our sacred birth / first-breath moment now becomes available at any moment in our lives as we wake to our timeless Soul WITHIN our human body.

MCIIMB courses give its students an evolutionary edge not just in their astrological practice or following of astrology but more importantly in their deep intimacy with their unique wholeness. This often translates to improved and refined cognitive functions and increased physiological health.

Each MCIIMB course activates  the MCIIMB learning tracks will take you deeper into your knowing of your own chart but into the sacred marriage principles of Outer and Inner, Other and Self, and Earth and Sky in a safe, immediate and deeply personal way. Your subsequent commitment to learning and practicing these techniques will increase your your ability to truly LIVE your chart in EVERY area of your life!

The three courses proceed in order, with the first being the prereq for the second, and the second for the third.

For those new to astrological alchemy or Earth-Sky knowing, and the first course in the full series of MCIIMB coursework. A basic level of experience with one's chart dynamics is generally good to have entering Course 1, as is a desire to be activated in the sacred marriage mechanics of one's birth chart.

  • Four 1-hour experiential workshops on each of the four somatic axies with time for Q&A with introduction to the Breath of the Soul techniques.
    • These include the Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, the Ascendant, Descendant, Middle Heaven (MC) and Inner Heaven (IC)
  • Includes all handouts and live workshop recordings


for those who actively follow and/or study astrology, who "speak" astrology to some degree, who perhaps receive regular readings and/or offer mini readings to others. Includes:

  • Everything from the Personal Track, plus...
  • A preliminary 3-hour workshop, that incorporates several guided meditations, handouts, experiential explanations of the crucial correlations between sky and earth and foundational understandings of the Breath of the Soul principles.
  • Audio download of Adam's Breath of the Soul Meditation


Designed for those fluent in astrology, who maintain a client practice, who actively research, and/or who teach astrology. Includes:

  • Everything from the Astrolyte/Student Track, plus...
  • Two 1.5-hour workshops that:
    * introduce and teach on more advanced Breath of the Soul techniques applied to MCIIMB
    * include guided meditations into the relationships between Body, Space and Center, and
    * explain Adam's (r)evolutionary work with the four Angles of the chart.
  • Audio download of Adam's first and only MCIIMB workshop
  • Audio download of Adam's Deep Heart Meditation
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1 review for MY CHART IS (IN) MY BODY Course

  1. Rebecca

    I feel grateful for this modality, and continue to feel this gratitude any time I choose to practice it. It gives me and my clients a simple way to create an open & alive space to really meet, honestly and with my full self, whatever is happening. The whole architecture of Adam’s system emphasizes non-force, accentuating the unrestricting of the breath, and the unfurling of felt-presence & connection through the layers of body and space. This is one of my most effective methods for helping clients cellularly reconnect to their life purpose, through their own body wisdom. Thank you Adam.

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