My Chart Is (In) My Body

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Another first!! Adam’s first public workshop to introduce, literally, the future of Astrology! 

  • High-resolution video download
  • 2 hours
  • Includes both video and audio files


This workshop is a deep and spiritually intimate experience as well as being Adam's flagship launch of an entirely new entry into the Sky...Astrology InBody!
In this 2-hour workshop, Adam:
  • Clarifies exactly what embodiment really means today (and what it's not) and how the astrological chart at the moment of our birth in fact points to something even more important for our happiness, our health and our awakening:  our first breath
  • Lays out what he's learned from the last three years of his experimenting and research into where modern astrology lost its essential dynamism, aliveness and core intelligence
  • Describes how to reclaim what's missing in nearly all of modern astrological practice: counseling, research, prediction, etc. without sacrificing any technique or tool you currently use
  • Guides you through several inner meditations - based in your natal chart - that begins your somatic re-synchronizing to your innate, cosmic Body Wisdom from the moment of your birth.

Adam is also planning to roll out a full course later in 2023 and attending this workshop will likely be one of the requirements for that course. He hasn't finalized the course yet so this is a best guess of ours at this point.

If you are new to Adam's work, you may want to check out the Breath of the Soul and Deep Heart Meditation to acquaint yourself with his revolutionarily simple and powerful breath meditation techniques.

Your embodiment AND your astrology will never be the same

Please reach out with any questions!

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How much do I need to know about astrology?

Nothing really. What's more important to take full advantage of this workshop is a combination of genuinely trusting yourself to allow your experience (without interrupting it with questions or doubt) and a genuine receptivity to contacting something entirely different and new about yourself.

2 reviews for My Chart Is (In) My Body

  1. hrt108

    This is an extraordinary ______. I actually don’t know what to call it because it just so fundamentally changes the game for astrologers and people who like and love astrology! I know for me it’s going to take me some time to integrate what opened in me, or what I ‘remembered” in me! Thanks so much Adam! -RJ8

  2. Jen Goss

    Adam is brilliant and fantastic in all he has to share! He has a powerful capacity to articulate clearly the vast complexity of how our bodies are, and express, the expansiveness of the cosmos. If you want to explore how you ARE, and uniquely express your blueprint of astrology in your body and life, this course will guide you to deepen into the balance of the embodied universe. Enjoy the journey into you with Adam’s astute guidance! Jen G

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