The Dark Cross of 2023

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This experience is best suited for those living their life as a massive and sacred opportunity for radical, profound growth both personally and collectively. Scroll down for fuller description…

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A combination transmission-style talk and guided inner journey experience, The Dark Cross reveals just what we are moving through in consciousness: the indescribably massive alterations of our familiar reality at its root.

In this immersive, internally catalyzing transmission, Adam speaks to:

  • The four individual players in our skies that will form the Dark Cross: Pluto, the Moon's 2 nodes and our Sun
  • What each axis signifies and what the entire Cross "does" for us on Earth
  • How to utilize this otherwise intense energy for perhaps the deepest healing of our lives
  • A metaphysical view of this celestial alignment
  • The supporting bodies of Venus at her retrograde turnaround and Black Moon Lilith
  • How to "store" the natural blessing of this alignment for future use

This will be Adam's first public talk following the pandora's box he opened with his "The USA's Pluto Return" last year. The delineations he gave in that talk - about what the "experiment" of the United States was really about - brought him quite a lot of attention, both affirming and denouncing.

From astrologer Iris Gildea, on Pluto: "Embodiment is especially pertinent for Pluto whose power is so often externalized from the individual psyche rather than integrated as a transformative call for growth and healing."

This talk will be in the same vein:  Pluto closest to Earth forming a massive ("grand") square with the nodes of our Moon. Baked into this geometry will be all the themes critical to human awakening, self empowerment, and cellular evolution via conscious choice.

You don't need to speak any astrologese to follow and receive what Adam will reveal and point to; he'll speak in English. But it  would be good to come with a sincere willingness to see more, be honest about, and go deeper into yourself through your direct experience during the webinar.

As we've received lots of encouraging (and sometimes impassioned!) requests of Adam to offer more of his guided, embodied meditations, rest assured he will be offering specific ways to take into your body's matrix of intelligence the specific codes of the stellar Dark Cross.

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4 reviews for The Dark Cross of 2023

  1. Tracey Norley

    I realize this webinar hasn’t occurred yet (it’s only June 25th today), but I wanted to express my thorough excitement! and anticipation of what Adam will bring through during it. I have had critical advancements and challenges and openings from his live events during the last year and a half and I feel now continuing to stay informed of what he puts out is really important for my growth. Thank you Soulsign and Adam!!!

  2. Lara Polley (verified owner)

    I am so thankful that this depth of work is available. While drawing on sound astrology it takes things a step further, to a place that encourages genuine expansion and evolution of our inner and outer realities. As this transit is hitting me very personally, I found this class to be deep medicine for the times and as a student, inspires me in terms of astrologies (and my own) vaster potential. Thank you.

  3. David Dunaway

    I’m on my second go-round of “The Dark Cross of 2023. It is a profound experience, reminiscent of experiences in an ashram. I have to remind myself that I’m going through a process and to internalize the energy.
    I feel that you have found an amazing path of understanding our relationship to the multidimensional cosmos and ourselves!
    Thank you!
    David Dunaway

  4. Cassandra Eve

    Thank you so much for this work Adam. It is such an alchemical gift throughout my system…. (I)t feels such a deeply fundamental shift. I am thankful for your wisdom and also to those of who are awake enough to allow this alignment to land… ongoingly! – Cassandra

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