SACIII Early Bird Tier I


Sky Astrology Conference™ is an innovative experiential gathering renewing the deepest, most ancient visual and cyclic traditions of Astrology. Sky Astrology Conferences™ offer a rare astrological educational opportunity based in immersive workshops as well as invigorating skywatching sessions culled from a diverse range of techniques and traditions.

Dates: July 16 – July 19, 2020

Location: Joyful Journey Hot Springs in Moffat, Colorado.

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Below are general class descriptions; each class will cover one half day. See Teacher Bios here.

Gary Caton

Make your own Venus Aldebaran Talisman!

On Venus’ day, She is shining near Her maximum brightness conjunct the fiery red Royal star Aldebaran –the Eye of the Celestial Bull. We’ll spend the first hour going over some basic ideas about this alignment and astrological magic in general. Then you’ll create your own personalized and durable Venus Aldebaran Talisman from a variety materials, glyphs and magical sigils, gemstones and herbs. We’ll construct these as Venus culminates overhead and consecrate with incense and prayers.

Getting the most out of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in Libra & Aquarius

The Jupiter-Saturn cycle moving into the Air signs in 1980-81 gave us the Internet! What wonders will the 2020 conjunction bring? We’ll look at the charts for each of these conjunctions and examine the Sky factors, not just for Jupiter & Saturn, but for other pertinent players as well. We’ll also look at the Tarot cards associated with the Decan for each conjunction and discuss how to use magic to invite their energies to manifest in our lives, and when and for whom this might be most effective.

Adam Gainsburg

Introducing the Jupiter-Sun Cycle (Parts I & II)

For the very first time, Adam will publicly present his work on Jupiter's Cycle and Phases at the next Sky Astrology Conference in July 2020. Just like with his work on the Phases of Mars, Venus and Saturn, you'll be ushered into Adam's signature deep-dive explorational style, this time focused on how Jupiter - both internally and externally - moves through distinct and consistent phases of change every 13 months. He'll teach how a blended focus on both Chart and Sky Factors of Jupiter produces a previously inaccessible level of insight. When astrologers include the pragmatic considerations of a planet in the Living Sky, our solar system's largest planet and humanity's 'Great Exaggerator' reveals much more than his "more, bigger, further" reputation.

Adam will introduce the unique sky factors of Jupiter's passage through our skies in relation to the Sun and teach on each of Jupiter's Phases based on these factors. He'll then incorporate sign position and key transits involving the Great Benefic during Phase and Cycle changes.

Julene Louis

The Role of Nakshatras in the Cosmic Evolutionary Process

It is said that Brahma approached Daksha Prajapati, the great cosmic progenitor, to aid with the cosmic evolutionary process. Prajapati married his 27 daughters to the Soma, the Moon God. They became the 27 Nakshatras of Vedic Astrology whose mythologies and symbols unfold the evolutionary process, each with its own divine feminine power or Shakti. Julene will explain how the Moon’s Nakshatra and the Vimshottari Dasa system combine to tell the story of each person’s story of personal growth and aspects of self-realization unfold along our individual evolutionary process. You do not need to know Vedic Astrology to understand this lecture. You can add this piece of knowledge to any type of astrology you practice. Julene will provide each participant with their dasa sequence and the correlating nakshatras for understanding on how it works. She’ll show various places to find this information so you can do it on your own at home.

The Planets are Within Us Too

Building on the connection between Nakshatras and Dasas, Julene will take this a step further to include the planetary rulers of the Nakshatras and the major chakras ruled by the planets and their signs. This enables us to understand the chakras that are activated by our dasas and how transits affect our vital energy centers. Thus, regardless of what type of astrology we practice, we can incorporate chakra work as a remedial measure for difficult transits or to help any situation where you feel blocked or stuck. The planets are within us. Our ability to heal and get un-stuck is within us. Julene will teach their seed mantras, bring mini travel size singing bowls tuned to the sound of each chakra, and bring a few pendulums so you can have visual confirmation of the results of your chakra work. If you own a pendulum that works for you, bring it with you. Not all pendulums work in the hands of all people. We’ll talk about that and what it means if they crack or chip too.

Andrea Michelle Kennedy

Declination & Antiscia: Our Deeper Resources & Hidden Projections

As mystics and quantum physics tells us, from people to particles, everything is in relationship. Declination and antiscia are an under-used third dimension of astrology that exposes the interconnectedness of disparate energies, modalities and signatures. Declination is a system of locating planets, stars and celestial bodies using the Earth's equator as reference rather than the eliptic. Antiscia are points that mirror one another across the solstial axis (0 Cancer and 0 Capricorn) and are of equal daylight.

Andrea will give a brief astronomical and historical overview of declination and antisica and then provide examples of the depth of interpretation offered by these planets and points. Personal attention will be given to attendees charts for all who wish to have their charts delineated in this way -- during class or in one-on-one sessions.

Cultural Astronomy Class

We will explore some of the ancient myths, beliefs and constructs around constellations, asterisms, nebula and even 'dark spots' from various cultures around the globe, focusing especially on the interpretations and significance of planets appearing as Morning versus Evening Stars.


Morning Sky viewing session 5 to 6am Friday July 17

We’ll begin with Jupiter & Saturn as they are setting in the West and point out the nearby stars of the Summer Triangle. Then we’ll move to Mars who is culminating at Dawn under the constellations of Pisces and Pegasus. Finally we’ll spot the constellation of Taurus in the East, and the Royal star Aldebaran, where we’ll find Venus shining at maximum brightness along with a lovely crescent Moon. We’ll end with a storytelling/meditation on what this constellation may have meant to early hunter-gatherers who painted it on the walls of caves 35,000 years ago.

Evening Sky Viewing session TBD: Jupiter as a Somatic Experience

Each of us is imbued with our own unique body-mind architecture for somatic experiences. Discovering the planets functioning as an innate part of our body intelligence before all the wonderful things our minds do to extrapolate, interpolate, synthesize and interpret meaning radically re-orients our inner compass for how we practice astrology. We'll invoke the wisdom of our personal Jupiter in this safe group experience during its highest, brightest and closest passage.



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