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Sky Astrology Conference™ is an innovative experiential gathering renewing the deepest, most ancient visual and cyclic traditions of Astrology. Sky Astrology Conferences™ offer a rare astrological educational opportunity based in immersive workshops as well as invigorating skywatching sessions culled from a diverse range of techniques and traditions.

Dates: February 6-9, 2024

Location: Hotel Tybee on Tybee Island, Georgia (U.S.A.) You are welcome to book other accommodations, though we will be skygazing on the beach in front of Hotel Tybee.

See below for class descriptions. There will be a Mighty Networks page dedicated to the Conference with additional conference logistics (transportation & meal options). It will also be a good place to meet fellow astrolytes and coordinate rideshares, lodging, etc.

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Below are general class descriptions. Each presenter will have their own day, with teachings broken up into several increments. See Teacher Bios here.

Tuesday Feb 6:  Julene Louis

Nakshatras: Evolution, Election, and Communing with the Heavens

Nakshatras are the 27 Vedic Lunar Mansions that aid the cosmic evolutionary process. Nakshatra is a Sanskrit word that translates as to approach or attain (naksh) here (atra). They offer a spiritual means to approach the heavens and connect our human minds with the cosmic mind.  If you are unfamiliar with nakshatras, don’t worry, you will receive an extensive handout that enables you to begin working with them immediately. You do not need to learn a new system because Nakshatras can be used alongside Western Astrology as well as Vedic Astrology.

In the morning session, Julene will show you how to use your moon’s nakshatra along with your dasa sequence to attain insight into your personal evolutionary process. Dasas or Dashas are the planetary periods of Vedic Astrology that commence with the birth nakshatra of your moon. As your planetary periods unfold, they correspond to subsequent nakshatras that illuminate your personal evolutionary cycle. Upon registration, please send your birth data to Julene so she can bring your dasa sequence printout to the conference.  

In the afternoon session, Julene will introduce you to the Vedic panchanga, the five energetic limbs of the day. We will focus on the nakshatra energy to illustrate how to use the daily lunar nakshatra to align your intentions with the cosmos. This will also help to choose a good day for your important actions, undertakings, or beginnings. 

In our sky viewing sessions, Julene will point out the stars connected to the nakshatras and teach you a Vedic mantra for communing with them.

* * * * *

Wednesday, Feb 7:  Andrea Michelle Haeckel (Kennedy)

The Fuller Feminine: The 13 Phases (or Facets) of the Venus Cycle

Andrea will map the Journey of our individual and collective Feminine through the 13 Phases of the 19-month Venus-Sun synod.* From Venus' emergence as MorningStar and discovering Her full impact on the world, to surrendering to the hidden world in this world (aka Herself), to Her EveningStar rebirthing and embodying of Her wholeness in relationship with Other, the Venus cycle reflects the pulse of our human Being and (un)becoming. There will be chart examples illustrating how the underlying synodic intelligence (natal Venus Phase) animates our feminine wiring (natal Venus sign-house-aspects) to awaken our individual contributions to building true culture through collaborative creativity.

The afternoon session will conclude with a brief overview of the current Leo Venus cycle, specifically highlighting the Surrendering & Discovery Phase within which we are currently collectively situated. Andrea will illustrate this 5.5 month-long phase of the current cycle with Venus’ movement through the sky using special software. We will view Venus’ meet-ups with important stars, the six conjunctions with the Moon, as well as her conjunctions with asteroid Pallas Athena and dwarf planet Ceres during this phase, as well as track Her movements north and south of the ecliptic and celestial equator. Andrea will offer suggestions of the main themes of this phase for us, and how we can best make use of any developmental opportunities.

*Andrea will be using Adam Gainsburg's map of the Venus cycle (as elucidated in his seminal book, The Light of Venus).

* * * * *

Thursday, Feb 8:  Adam Gainsburg

The 13 Faces of the Genuine Masculine – in Each of Us

Adam has broken new sky-ground with this complete system of Mars Phases. For the 2024 SAC, he will explain Mars at both levels of consciousness - personal evolution and collective contribution in its Shadow and its Embodied manifestations. It’s likely he will undermine most of the superficial renderings of the Red Planet by pointing you to the nature of the sacred Masculine itself - the drive to do what we are! 

Among the few astrologers who work with planetary cycles, it is popular to use archetypal designations to contextualize the varying phases within a cycle. By contrast, Adam's use of a planet's Sky Factors© to contextualize, inform and distinguish phase meanings supports us in embodying a planets' significations through its phases. This is because (using Mars as an example), rather than trying to live UP to an ideal Masculine (archetypes), we are looking to increasingly live IN to our drive to excel and live our Purpose which is immediate and always available to us (visible celestial reality).

He'll introduce the Cycle through multiple views of Mars – geological, classical astrology, celestial patterns and then proceed into the Motives of Mars™ including the relationship between action and the consciousness driving it and Mars’ Sky Factors™ like brightness, speed and Earth proximity, before deeply explaining and exploring both didactically and through guided inner meditations all 13 Phases of the Mars Cycle. Our day with Mars will complete with class chart examples and delineations in which he will demonstrate how to accurately combine Chart Mars (sign, house, aspects, dignities) with Sky Mars (phases), or how to properly integrate our personal inner Masculine (all genders and non-genders) with our collective dharmic Masculine.

Adam will also facilitate two guided somatic meditations during the conference based in attendees' natal charts. My Chart Is (In) My Body is a direct and gentle meditation for re-awakening your cellular relationship with the cosmos. This gentle and powerful technique re-introduces the core intelligence rooted in our starry makeup. One effect of these meditations will be your deepened awareness and energy alignment with your innate, cosmic Body Wisdom from the moment of your birth.

* * * * *

Friday, Feb 9:  Gary Caton

Part One: The Venus-Mars Cycle in the Personal Horoscope 

We’ll zoom in on the individual Venus-Mars cycle and discover there are three basic  orientations. Most people will have either Mars rising first or Venus rising first but more  rarely people can be born in periods between two conjunctions. We'll talk about how this  informs a basic unconscious preference for taking action or feeling value. 

Part Two: The Venus-Mars Cycle & the 7 Year Itch 

Here we'll look at the 77 month cycle codified by Ruperti in Cycles of Becoming. During  this basic fractal, every fifth conjunction of Venus-Mars occurs with Venus retrograde.  Within this 77 month fractal, the conjunction with Venus retrograde is also part of a  series of three conjunctions, what I call a “triple conjunction” - all three occurring during  the span of only 9 months. This triple conjunction acts as the seed-point for a larger 7  year cycle in which the Venus-Mars conjunctions progress through the Sky from morning to evening. This cycle can be valuable for understanding and harnessing medium-term  trends in personal growth and development.  

Part Three: Mundane Astrology & the 300 Year Venus Mars Epoch 

We’ll discover how the 77 month cycle codified by Ruperti in Cycles unfolds regularly  like clockwork and is marked by a particular kind of social cohesion. However, this  pattern only lasts about 200 years before it gives way to another.  

Next we will examine how this stable pattern has fallen apart since the 1940’s, ushering  in a 100 year period of more erratic interactions between this primal pair. We will see  how the disruption of the previous pattern is echoed by tremendous social changes.  

Together these two periods form what I call the Venus-Mars Epoch which lasts 300 yrs.  I’ve traced these 300 year Epochs through 2500 years of history to confirm the basic  pattern of a stable cohesive social principle taking hold, and then breaking apart so that  another pattern may emerge at the start of a new Venus-Mars Epoch. We'll take a look at  where we are in this long term historical process and how it compares and contrasts with  the basic orientation of the personal horoscope. 

Part Four: The Alchemy of Venus & Mars 

We will see how the conjunctions can be viewed and experienced as an alchemical ritual of deepening and transforming our awareness of the meeting between our attractive and assertive natures. This process involves opening ourselves to experiencing liminality or “in-between-ness,” and then within a sacred space, purposefully breaking apart and putting back together our own hieros gamos, or sacred marriage. This process can be understood as occurring in both a three and seven stage evolutionary journey. We'll look at the various symbols, images and qualities of these stages in order to be able to map and more deeply understand and participate in the experience.


Morning Sky & Evening Sky viewing sessions

Each of us is imbued with our own unique body-mind architecture for somatic experiences. Discovering the planets functioning as an innate part of our body intelligence before all the wonderful things our minds do to extrapolate, interpolate, synthesize and interpret meaning radically re-orients our inner compass for how we practice astrology. 



  • Purchase price includes conference only.
  • Accommodations are the sole responsibility of attendee. We have secured a number of rooms at a discount at Hotel Tybee. Book online or call 912-786-7777 and reference code SAC24 to receive the discount rate. Space is limited!
  • Meals are the sole responsibility of attendee. There are a number of wonderful restaurants/eateries on the island the hotel concierge is happy to recommend.
  • Registrations may be transferred but not refunded, unless the event is cancelled.



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