Sky Astrology Conference™ is an innovative experiential gathering renewing the deepest, most ancient visual and cyclic traditions of Astrology. Sky Astrology Conferences™ offer a rare astrological educational opportunity based in immersive workshops as well as invigorating skywatching sessions culled from a diverse range of techniques and traditions.

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Adam Gainsburg is a leading astrologer on the Mars and Venus Cycles and their Phases, the Lunar Nodes, Chiron and Pluto. He formulated Sky Astrology to bring back into our post-postmodern world the wisdom vitality of a living, breathing universe into western practice. He is a co-founder of the Sky Astrology Conferences and maintains an active client practice and guest lectures for chapters and conferences. He was nominated for a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2018 UAC.

Gary P. Caton is a transdisciplinary astrologer who maintains an active sacred relationship with the living Sky as his temple. Initiated an astrologer by a magnificent dream in 1993, Gary has since become an accomplished and sought after astro-photographer, writer, lecturer and consultant. Gary is the author of Hermetica Triptycha: The Mercury Elemental Year, and host of the popular Hermetic Astrology Podcast.

Julene Louis has been in love with the night sky for as long as she can remember. Her First-Grade field trip to a local planetarium inspired her to teach herself the names of many stars, constellations and their mythologies. When she bought a telescope in 1998, she was met with a deeper awe and reverence of the planets and her favorite stars that lead her to study astrology.

Julene received various western astrology certifications from NCGR & ISAR between 2002 and 2005. In 2006 she began presenting Astronomy for Astrologers at major conferences and various astrology groups. Her Sky Watch column has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer magazine since April 2008. Meanwhile, she met Gary Caton and Adam Gainsburg who were walking similar sacred sky paths and incorporating astronomy into their astrological work and teachings. Julene obtained certification in Vedic Astrology in 2015, which brought a new set of mythologies to incorporate into her relationship with the night sky.

Andrea Michelle Haeckel supports clients to live courageously from their Soul-steeped Self through her profound connection to the cosmos and her unique approach to astrology. Drawing inspiration from her intimacy with mythology, eastern tantra, shamanism, and western esoteric wisdom streams, Andrea has a gift of illuminating your unique facet within the crystal of human Being.

She’s presented for the Sky Astrology Conference, the Cosmic Intelligence Agency, and was a teacher for Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle in 2022 (and will be again in 2024). She’s a popular, regularly featured guest on the world’s leading astrology podcast (the Astrology Hub podcast), and is noted for her fresh, empowering work with the asteroid goddesses.

The teachings and materials were a lot of astrological bang for your buck! ! Every day was rich with the wisdom each teacher embodies in his/her own unique way.

Photos from past Sky Astrology Conferences

Great people, great food, great conversations, great information. Loved it all!

Interesting, informative, well thought-out. Spoke to the many levels of astro experience in the group from beginner to professional.