Masculine-Feminine Inner Union Essence


The Soulsign Essences™ are healing tools of a vibrational nature. They are infusions of energetic patterns of information and guidance, similar to the concept behind flower essences on quite a different scale of consciousness.

The Masculine-Feminine Inner Union Essence comes in a 2 oz. bottle. 


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Masculine-Feminine Inner Union Essence 

The Feminine Masculine Inner Union Essence is a sublime, highly coherent imprint of the primordial union of creation with itself. It is highly responsive to individual intent. This essence has been embodied by all dyads, divine consort pairs, paradoxical partners, tantric mates and sacred polarities (yin/yang, Shiva/Parvati, Solomon/Solomae, Rama/Sita, Thoth/Sesheta, Brahma/Saraswati, Vishnu/Lakshmi, Isis/Osiris, etc.) specifically for the purpose of assisting humanity to transmute its dualistic entrenchment of body, emotions and mind. The essence far transcends gender and sexual issues in that it was not formulated to help one ‘find a partner.’ Once introduced into or onto the body, the essence instantaneously infuses and surrounds one’s next evolutionary step in the direction of tantric union. In this way, your body-mind recognizes the deepest knowing of itself,  from the inside out: organically and timelessly in Holonic, Unified Harmony with itself.

Have a look at our Suggested Uses document, which includes general guidelines and also explains how to work with your essences in your own way:

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Dimensions 2.5 × 4.5 in

Brandy, Food-grade Glycerin


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