One unfortunate result of a life without Heart as one’s center-of-gravitas is an over-dependence or, worse, mental addiction to squishing life into little, made-up boxes. These tiny cells only exist of course in our minds. They don’t actually reside anywhere on our soul’s Top 1,000,000 Things to Be, Do, Try, Sing, Speak, Taste, Feel, Smell, See and Breathe Before This Go-Round Goes Round. And personally, I don’t think they actually reside anywhere at all. They seem to be the result of something earlier, more hidden.

7-10-chesapeake-wknd-lilly-field-129Take a look, if you’d like, the next time you find – er, catch – yourself in the midst of dissecting what’s actually happening… Inside you, inside them, between us. It doesn’t matter.

Because What’s Actually Happening will always, in every case without exception, amaze, thrill, astound, and maybe terrify you. IT is so rich as to be bottomless in its experiential capacity. It    doesn’t end…..ever   .    And YOU are its lover. Yes, you and the Ecstatic Now are unboundedly bound in yab yum, from the pov of your creative potential. Not the world’s creative potential, not even the potential your mind can think up, but YOURS. All 100% of your gorgeous, stinky, sublime, outspoken, ugly, awesome, and mammothly priceless CREATIVE WHAT-IFness.  And if you were to catch in mid-slice your mental scalpel that dissects the present moment into a replay of some forgotten scenario of  a forgotten time, you’d begin to learn to breathe.

That’s my guess anyway. Maybe you’re a fast-tracker and just that little break would serve up a morning satori for you with that paper. For me, it’s about breath. Breath’s my way in to the Wow of Now. And out of my mind’s mindlessly, mental rig-amoral. It’s my choice of course. And it’s yours. Be uncompromisingly forgiving. Intensely open. Engaged with that moment’s Creative What-If .

And we can become more of Who We Are Actually and less of Who We’ve Never Been. Together. <breathe>

There, I, you and we will be entered into the realm of Heart. Of resonance patterns and gently bouncing gravity. Together <breathe>  Of profound mutual honoring of one another as common as air.

There, a shared inner smile, an outer glow, and sudden, joyful tears are just appetizers on your very own Heart-Now menu.