If you were a part of the most recent Mars Venus Meditation which generated more responses – calls and emails – than any other in recent memory, this wee post will be something in addition to the info shared there. If you weren’t…well, you missed ou– oh, wait a minute, we posted it online…go there now to listen. Lucky you!

If you’re sensitive to the feminine in life, perhaps you feel the very beginnings of a re-warming going on. A better sense that things between people are juuuuust beginning to soothe out. Maybe arguments which ended things then, now become the reason for apologies or more civil convo’s. Well, believe it. Venus is now becoming visible to any locale on our planet with clear views of the western horizon. Sure, she’ll be dim but you’ll catch her if do a bit of research about where to look.

Venus’ return heralds her ReBirth Phase. It’s a time of celebration and of finding that deeper breath in the be- and relief that she never really left us at all (the Goddess that is), she just took a sabbatical in a hellacious way: her Transmutational Underworld. But now, as I write, Venus is right there with Uranus, planet of all things chaotic, futuristic, new and next. And they’re meeting up right at the RIGHT fish of the Pisces constellation. What to make of this?

We’ve got three variables here:

  1. Venus’ ReBirth Phase – the larger theme
  2. Venus with Uranus – the inner and mundane alchemical formula
  3. Venus/Uranus in the Fishes

Mashing them up, we see this ReBirth may not be smooth sailing, may be filled with more confusion even if we finally get the facts we’ve been waiting/searching for, and just may result in really unexpected results leaving us scratching our heads how things ended up the way they did. It will NOT be lacking, however, in originality and apparent confusion. On a larger view, Venus’ alignment with Uranus at her ReBirth blesses us with yet another injunction to prepare for the unpreparable – extra stockpiles of love, patience and understanding. And keep stuffed into pockets and be ready to whip out your ability to help out another if you’re both willing.

An altogether and not-untoward Feminine ReBirth (of ourselves) to us all!