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Lady Venus has stationed retrograde now and life won’t feel the same. Not just because the Transit of Venus is approaching on June 5/6, but because whenever Venus turns retrograde our feeling bodies become more acute. She’s stationed exactly at the star El Nath in the Great Bull constellation, which brings us greater exposure to our relationship with our feeling power. What will we do with ours? How do we handle forcefulness from others? Now’s an important prep for making the choice with every bit of our beings to get honest with ourselves.

As Venus begins to pick up retrograde speed in the coming days, she’ll be traveling the path marked out for her by the north horn of the Great Bull. You can view a video of Venus’ amazing track down the north horn and back along the south horn here.

But Venus isn’t the only story! Next week’s Solar Eclipse on May 20th lines up to the Pleiades cluster with its rich symbolism involving vision, loss, grief and bestowed blessings. Determining where the eclipse falls in your chart is the first step in assessing its possible meanings for you: late Taurus/early Gemini and late Scorpio/early Sagittarius planets and sensitive points are the ones most receptive to this eclipse’s ‘re-start’ or ‘interruption’ effect. This eclipse also involves Mercury and Jupiter, solidifying the opportunity to literally ‘change our minds’ or how we use our mentality to navigate and make sense of life. It would be very helpful to drink plenty of water, to not react to anything too quickly, and to make the internal choice to Not Know and see where your heart leads you.