Venus is about to reappear for us.

She’s been inside the Sun since July.


Stop for a moment, say these two sentences to yourself, and close your eyes.


Voicing these sentences aligns you to your own personal Right Now in a celestial context. The more you can feel subtly (feelings here, not necessarily emotions), the clearer and more visceral will be your experience of this alignment. Maybe repeating them a few times would help, or just once is enough.

Understand that the specific words in each sentence are not magical or holy or an English translation from some ancient text thereby implying authority. They are, however, infused with my fascination, respect, love, and knowing of this gorgeous Phase of re-awakening.


This is Venus’ ReBirth Phase, when she re-appears now in the western sky after sunset. This is Venus as Evening Star. Each of Venus’ 13 phases reveals a specific and nuanced type of development of our femininity, both personally and collectively, for both men and women. This map of feminine development will appear in my next book, due out in March or April of 2012.

The ReBirth Phase is the time for re-asserting ourselves and our feelings about the things that matter most to us. We find ourselves begining in earnest this time, or beginning again.  It doesn’t have to look like writing or speaking, but it will cause us to act. ReBirth-driven actions are not as quick as in the earlier Birth Phase. ReBirth choices – those we make during any ReBirth Phase of Venus – carry more awareness or ‘informed instinct’ about how to get what we want. The context or larger picture of our choices is easier to hold onto. And within the largest picture – that of human femininity now – ReBirth catalyzes our species’ understanding of life and our relationships with all its forms. How big and how accurate your personal feminine context is your own of course. ReBirth is very beginning of this process, which crystallizes archetypally at her Wholeness Phase (Mar 24 to May 13).

ReBirth is also a time of re-devoting to what needs a fresh start even if we’ve unsuccessfully tried (and tried) before. Perhaps that experience of missing the mark or getting hurt can be carried forward into this new attempt, to help you.

Don’t know if you’ve read the recent slew of (mis? dis?)information on ‘comet’ Elenin, the Brown Dwarf, the Dark Twin – all ‘foreign’ objects moving very close to Earth and the rest of the inner solar system – allegedly causing pole shifts, a reduced protective layer in our upper atmosphere, major earthquakes and the like. Some writers also report on ‘secret’ strange buildings created to house a few hundred thousand people, in the aftermath of large-scale population re-locations from geologic catastrophes. Let’s briefly look at this from Venus’ Phases, keeping in mind that YOUR OWN KNOWING about the veracity of these predictions and how much prep if any you are internally moved to make is the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR. Key dates I’ve read are Sep 26 and Oct 17.

Sep 26 is the ReBirth Phase. More of humanity will see Venus just after sunset. Look for her just to the south of the set Sun. When you catch your first glimpse, take her in and feel what stirs in you, no matter its content. On the waves of those feelings or sensations, renew your #1 devotion to your own life and what you’re here to be and to do. No, you do NOT need to konw what that is in order to completely devote yourself to it. You only need to intend with every fiber of you that it’s so.

Oct 17 is just after the beginning of the Remembering & Embodiment Phase, the phase after ReBirth. I’ll have more to say about this phase in a future post, but in keeping with where we are now, here is where we begin to discover that we already possess the abilities we will need in the future. Here is when those innate knowing skills are blatantly required in a very tangible sense. Here is when we just begin to awaken to ourselves in a whole new Light.


If you feel to make preparations for major changes to your way of life, go for it. If you feel to do nothing or read nothing about what changes may be coming, go for that too. It’s simple and direct: get in touch with your knowing, don’t let fear drive your choices (into reaction or into denial), and act unwaveringly on that knowing. This is the only sure, true way to proceed. I celebrate your Knowing choices and your freedom to live the life you desire.


With love & blessings,