Fullness Phase SoulsignPublishing Adam GainsburgToday is Jan 31, the day of Venus’ standstill, poised precisely between retrograde and direct motion. With yesterday’s Full Moon in Leo and Venus resting in Capricorn, we’ve been surrounded and infused with the energy of our own sovereignty and our relationship to it. When any planet stations, we Gaians are (con)(af)fronted with something like a ‘naked truth’ surrounding that planet’s meanings for us (and also its position on our own birth charts). 0 planetary movement forward or backward generally correlates with, at different times, equipoise or equilibrium, disappearing hiding places, regression to a fight/freeze/flight response, being exposed, and/or an infusion or force-feeding of an otherwise segregated part of our being. Venus’ direct station also and always begins her Fullness Phase with the Sun. This is her 5th Phase, after the Inception, Gestation, Birth and Emergence Phases. Fullness Phase Venus is always a morning star, very visible and quite high and bright. Fullness lasts for about 52 days (a harmonic to the Mayan T’zolkin) during which time she very slowly picks up speed and increases all the way to her maximum separation from the Sun which will occur on Mar 22 at 46*31′ from the Sun.

Here’s a few snippets from my book on Venus’ Phases about the Fullness Phase from THE LIGHT OF VENUS:

* Heroine’s Journey: The maturing Queen of Heaven inhabits Her throne (her body), substantiating Her new form and further exploring Her influence onto the world.

* Collective Theme: First blending then embodying then stabilizing our (collective) new feminine intention and identity.

* Personal Dharma: Substantiating the beauty in individuality; refining and expanding one’s efforts to improve the social sphere.

* (excerpted): From Venus’ long appearance and brightness in the morning sky, people born into Fullness Phase are filled with a charge of energy to express and be your Feminine Self on your own terms. If you’re more the extrovert, you’ll love to start things, network with others, protect those who can’t protect themselves, pick through the pieces to find the connecting threads, or revisit history in order to retell it in a more relevant, meaningful way. If you’re more the introvert, you’ll be the one who “holds the line” for a cause, works diligently on transforming deep-seeded issues, or be a shining light or energy battery for family or friends. (THE LIGHT OF VENUS, p.89, www.SoulsignPublishing.com)

CaptureWith Lady Venus now in tropical Capricorn, in the stars of the celestial Archer constellation and aligned with and higher than Pluto, we would each do very well to move, act, speak and think no faster than a speed at which we can stay aware of our under-the-surface emotions and agendas. We may have all the best intentions in our minds, meditations and energy fields, but this direct station of Venus implores us to not lose sentient connection with our hidden feelings. Capricorn Venus requires this now for us to grow up into wiser, more capable versions of ourselves. Adam Gainsburg’s photo.