Rest assured, the awakening of our Solar Feminine is complete; last Tuesday’s Venus Transit was a worldwide object of attention and for many also a deep invocation into our deeper Feminine Selves. We won’t necessarily see immediate results of all we seeded and opened to for some time, but the dates most likely that will manifest results and clarify next steps from our Transit intentions are:

June 12 – Venus first appears as a morning star in the east before sunrise (depending on local conditions) ~ What’s the new breath of a new Venus taste like on our lips? 

August 16 – Venus at her brightest in the morning ~ What has arisen in our hearts, our bodies and our relationships that might be emanating from our intentions seeded at the Transit event (June 5-6)?

February 3, 2013 – Venus disappears from the morning sky ~ What have we found, surrendered, been challenged by, embraced and resolved or redefined? How sync’d is our power base to our heart-smarts?

March 28, 2013
 – Venus on the other side of the Sun from Earth (the polar alignment to the Transit) ~ Are we willing to be transmuted of our old patterning into something perhaps unprecedented?

January 11, 2014 – Venus completes her Gemini Cycle and begins her Capricorn Cycle ~ Are we more in-formed, em-bodied, in-habited and a-wakened to our Solar Feminine Self? What now are we to do together about it?

* These dates and provocations should always be put in the context of your individual astrology – natal and transit. Any one of these may synchronize with and strengthen personally-relevant cycles as well.

Here are the Venus Phases for our new Gemini Cycle:

Venus Phase Date Duration Longitude Declination
Inception 5-Jun-12 2 Days 15° Gemini 44′ Rx 22 North 49 
Gestation 7-Jun-12 5 Days 14° Gemini 33′ Rx 22 North 15 
Birth 12-Jun-12 2 Days 11° Gemini 53′ Rx 20 North 53 
Emergence 14-Jun-12 13 Days 10° Gemini 50′ Rx 20 North 19 
Fullness 27-Jun-12 50 Days 7° Gemini 29′ 17 North 46 
& Discovery
16-Aug-12 171 Days 8° Cancer 14′ 19 North 60 
Immersion 3-Feb-13 53 Days 2° Aquarius 11′ 20 South 21 
Transmutation 28-Mar-13 50 Days 8° Aries 11′ 2 North 01 
Re-Birth 17-May-13 8 Days 10° Gemini 00′ 22 North 14 
Remembering &
25-May-13 160 Days 19° Gemini 16′ 23 North 36 
Wholeness 1-Nov-13 51 Days 26° Sagittarius 09′ 27 South 01 
Completion 22-Dec-13 14 Days 28° Capricorn 59′ Rx 20 South 07 
Transition 5-Jan-14 6 Days 24° Capricorn 52′ Rx 17 South 30 
End 11-Jan-14  — 21° Capricorn 12′ Rx 16 South 39 


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1. There’s another very important factor in assessing this new Venus Cycle, and that is whether the Gemini Cycle was the cycle you were born into. If so, it will mean that you are approximately 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 96 or 104 years old. And if this is you, congratulations! you’re having (what I term) your Major Venus Return very close to your birthday. I’ve yet to write extensively about the Major Returns, though a personal Feminine-Masculine Session goes your personal Venus and Mars Major Returns, as well as quite a bit more.

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