Introduction:  The following blog is “out there.” Sure, it’s about astrology and the sky and stars and all, but that’s not what I mean. It was written to respond to the very large response to an earlier blog (June) in which I invited readers to show how authentically 5-years-old they could be:

Excerpt from “Summertime Venus Chronicles”, 06/11:  A note to my more esoterically-oriented reader friends: there is another view of this area of space which is too woo-woo for anyone over the age of 5. One simply needs to suspend all disbelief to grok it. If you wish to receive this bonus material, please send an email and include the best proof that you can concoct that you are indeed 5 years of age or younger. And, no, forgetting your keys for the 100th time doesn’t count. Being unable to finish a sentence longer than 3 words is a stronger case however.

I received a very large response to this so it seemed only right to prepare a blog, some graphics and a video in response.

The Space Between the Horns

The space between the Horns of the Bull is an etheric, wombic space for the birth of the transitional phase of human being-ness. Not the final homo luminous as some have written, but the transitional phase to the eventual attainment of our species.

Venus Transit, Gemini Journey

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Therefore, astrologically-speaking, any planet or other body or any star, nebula, galaxy, etc. which comes to us through that region – spatially (like the stars Aldebaran or El Nath both located there) or otherwise (through higher dimensional means of resonant transmission) – which also has both the sufficient vibrational coherence (consciousness) and also evolutionary relevance to the Human/Gaia experiment, is playing a direct hand in the blueprinting and somaticizing of this our transitional evolution for the next 140 or so years.

Further, the two Horns as they are normally drawn – from El Nath to the Hyades as the North Horn and from Zeta Taurus through Eldebaran as the South Horn – are not here to be taken as rigid boundaries for this Space Between the Horns I’m proposing. Sadly, all extant astrology conforms to these definitions of the Horns. Rather, the Space is to include the the entire regions of:

  • The Bull constellation
  • Much of the constellation of Auriga (Chariotmaster) – very clear resonance with a Buddhist cosmological framework of the Wheel of Dharma and particularly the bodhisattvic principles (wish-fulfilling gems, abundance, turning wheel);
  • Most of the Orion constellation;
  • The Pleiades asterism;
  • The ‘bestowments’ of Perseus, the Hero’s Heart; and
  • Most importantly the converge point of Orion’s Sword tip, the South Horn of the Bull, and the pointed shoe/foot of the North Twin (Gemini). This point is the sexual polarity of galactic center. They are consorts and we earthling humans are the work-in-progress of their fecund, eternal love. Some have said it’s also the portal into or out of this world. A name thrown around a few years ago was galactic anti-center but that’s like calling a glass a water holder. It is its own signature and we are desperately in need to understand what it is in our own consciousness so that we can actualize the potential of galactic center. I’ve come to know and work with this spatial point of consciousness as the “Underworld in Heaven” – that which in us becomes transillumined thus catalyzing the demise of who we’ve clung to being.


A Suggestion

If you’ve reached this point in the blog and are waiting for the tangible, mundane meaning, you’re missing the point. Stop, breathe and reset your awareness to something bigger than this little planet we call home and you as this little self reading these words. As you read, make yourself available to take it in this time as a child would – like a 5-year old perhaps! So that this little story and description I’m giving you becomes realer than real. If all the space and constellational references bore you, look at the pretty pictures and video. Close your eyes and feeel. Lean into these things with your open imagination. Give it space. As a teacher of mine, Tom Kenyon has said, “The future is not what it used to be.


The Payoff

Now that your attention to this area of our sky will hopefully never be the same as it was, here’s the cool denoument. You know the famed Venus Transit – when Venus visibly crosses the face of the Sun – and the beyond-infamous 2012 “end date” of the Maya? Well, here’s some plain-ole hard astro science that’s just fascinating.

In the spring of 2012, Venus will visibly tred the path of the Space Between the Horns (see video). It will mark the end of our current Scorpio Journey leading to the Gemini Journey of Venus from then until early 2014. I have come to believe this spatial event will be unprecedented for those who have prepared. Prepared for what? I dunno. Unprecedented what? Couldn’t tell ya. And not interested in trying to guess, in fact. This type of astrology – the plain, observational experience of celestial events and cycles – is all that is needed to live in greater alignment with Soul and Life and World. It imprints us with What Is so that we can become What Wants To Be.You’ll be hearing more from me about this later this year and next year. Stay in touch about this topic by posting your comments just below this…..


Little Video

Here’s a short video showing in real time Venus’ breathtaking alignment with the Horns during her Transit across the Sun and transition into her Gemini Journey from 2012-2014. Note: each date that appears in the video should be 2012, not 2011. Months and days are accurate.


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