Excerpt 1:
“The two bodies of celestial tantra are involved now in an amazing dance of “I see you / I’m with you / I Am You / See you again soon.” The dance really began in March when Venus entered Aries for the first time. She was retrograde then, preparing for the Journey she’s in now. That Journey – Aries – is of course governed by Mars. This ties them together even closer. Through October 2010, Venus is exploring that aspect of Herself which is Aries. This forces her to increasingly consider, experiment with, discover, adjust, heal, integrate and then manifest the Aries side of her nature.

Excerpt 2:
“A new opening is within us now. It is an opening, a process that moves in and takes time. It is not an all-at-once deal. Duality is not the devil, it is not the cause of our pain and fear and anxiety. They source instead in our ignorance. Most of us don’t know how to transition to what is on the other side of our threshold. And we are not to blame for this, no new-age judgments here. The future we are creating both personally and collectively is not created as of yet. We are all – all realms of consciousness – intercreating what is to be…together.

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