I am aware of the building energy of the Lunar Eclipse tomorrow, Monday, and the Venus ‘eclipse’ of the Sun on Tuesday. I can feel a fogginess in my mental process as if I’m not really supposed to be hanging out up there. But when I drop into my body and allow not really the tactile sensations but the deeper undulations of energetic movement to be felt, I feel as if I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

As a counselor who’s sat ringside for several thousand individuals’ courageous choice in the moment to live from their hearts and face deep obstacles, I’m awed by the coherence of the energy we are being imbued with now. We have anything and everything at our heart-tips, we need only possess the ability to feel, to listen and to choose Love first.

This morning I awoke with a new feeling about the Venus-Sun conjunction (aka eclipse, aka Venus Transit) occurring in the midst of the Horns of the Great Heavenly Bull. I’ll be speaking about this Tuesday night as a lead-into the Meditation. Feel into it and see if it’s for you: http://www.meetup.com/The-Mind-Body-Spirit-Community-Virginia/events/64555402/

In gratitude, Adam