“Dusting” doesn’t work sometimes. Go buy the nicest, nanotech duck feather duster and you’ll see – you will – that some dust has a mind of its own….

With the mind-blowing 8-man game of Go Bridge (some weird combination of Go Fish and Bridge) going on in Aquarius, Pluto in Capricorn now, its ruler Saturn retrograding back through Virgo and Venus having stationed to follow suit to quickly bring to end the Venusian Leo Journey of the Feminine (2007-2009), it makes lots of sense to me anyway the collective feeling that we just can’t get our eggs in order….the dust just won’t go away. What we’re supposed to do is either taking longer, feeling real weird, or demanding a herculean effort. Makes one wonder just who’s running the show here.

Well, i have a candidate: it’s the inner voice known alternately as Miss Unsatisfied, Mrs. Unfulfilled or Mr. Can’tFindIt (Jr.) depending on his/her gender prefs du jour.

Make no mistake, as a species we are definitely still in adjustment mode to the Pluto in Capricorn reality – and quite a reality check it is continuing to be! Pluto takes nothing from us we are not actually ready on some level to let go of. Said another way, Pluto only takes from us what is 1. misaligned to our greater growth potential, and 2. what we ALREADY know we’re ready to have taken from us (said material can come from the ‘i never knew’ department deep within our psychology). Here then, Capricorn is the environment wherein our small selves become instruments of collective agreement: how we fit ourselves – or not – into the social architecture we’re a part of.

At worst? This combo produces the acute loss of anything not meeting both 1 and 2 above. Ouch with a good dose amount of why me?, what the hell?!, where’d THAT come from? (Aquarius stellium)

At best? We wake up to who we can be in our community as a promise of our own greater happiness and contribution. But it will take everything from us (Pluto) which is in discord with the actual reality around us (Capricorn).

For this reason, I am giving you a gift in the spirit of Uranus in Pisces – the unexpected gift which lightens your soul and remembers you into your Awe:



Photo by Allen Wallace

This is you, on the awakening that You, just like dust, come from Stars.